Olympia Milan and Brandon Davies “I am honored to be in Milan with Heinz”

© Photo at olimpiamilano.com

Brandon Davies has been Olympia’s most consistent player this pre-season, displaying the attacking qualities that have turned him into a player included in the perfect quintet for two different seasons in the Euroleague. He brings to Milan the experience of three in the Final Four, one with Zalgiris and two with Barcelona, ​​a mixture of experience and freshness that completes the long section. Today it was presented to the media.

On choosing to come to Milan – “I spoke to coach Messina and Christos Stavropolos and it was easy, they explained to me how they would use my qualities. This team has achieved great results even before I arrived, but we can take it to the next level. They told me about the cultural changes that have taken place in recent years. And I had no doubts. I played in the Final Four three times and never won, but that only motivated me to work even harder.”

For my teammates – “Sharing the changing room with Kyle Hines is exceptional, it gives me the opportunity to learn so much from one of the most decorated players in Europe, who has been successful for many years and continues to enjoy. Along the way that we will be doing together, I intend to absorb Lots of it.”

On how much he has improved since his first Italian experience – “I was very young at Varese, and that was my first full year in Europe. I spent half a season in France, but not all of that. Since then I have worked hard, day in and day out, and nothing has happened between Overnight, and I’ve grown. Physically too, I’ve filled the body. At that time, I was very young. Now I’ve matured. But basketball isn’t just technology and strength, there’s also the mental side. Working with great coaches and in great teams, that’s the side that’s Where the difference is more pronounced.”

About his playing style – “I think my body size is perfect. There are positions higher than me, great defenders, great blockers, but I have other weapons, I can play against the basket, shoot from the outside. Then it is important for the coach to use, as always, my qualities To attack the weaknesses of those taller and bigger.”

Regarding relationships with coaches – “After a while you realize that the reactions are always the same, sometimes they are angry and sometimes they are happy. That is not the problem. After so many years of being professional I can say that it is not important how you tell things, it is important that you tell us. And from what they tell you, you can learn a lot.”

Regarding Kevin Pangos – “I’ve played with him in Kaunas and Barcelona, ​​he’s funny because he’s a selfless player and he makes you look better than you do. That’s why I’m so happy to find him here.”

On player turnover – “We have to believe in the choices that the coaching staff makes, but above all it is a long season, with many matches. It is a question of preparation, but in a season like this, to achieve certain results, the ones we want to achieve, we will need everyone” .