“It’s not true that I don’t manage the defence! Navas? Tough summer with so many rumors, now let’s talk about the renewal. About Sirigu…”

Alex Merritt speaks to the Naples Kiss Kiss radio microphones. Tomorrow, during the broadcast of “Radio Goal”, the goalkeeper will talk about the new season TuttoNapoli.net © Photo at www.imagephotoagency.it Alex Merritt Speak into microphones Radio Kiss Kiss Naples. Today at two o’clock in the afternoon, during the broadcast of “Radio Goal”, the goalkeeper will … Read more

How have the brakes changed in Formula 1

New rules, new brakes The adoption of new Formula 1 technical regulations starting this season has led, among the most visible innovations even to the naked eye, to the adoption of the new 18-inch rim flanged wheels. The transition from the previous 13-inch wheels brought a number of significant technological challenges Not only for teams … Read more

How will the format change in 2023

Carlos Izpeleta, chief sporting officer of Dorna, revealed the details of the new format for next season: Farewell to free training With the 2022 season coming to a close, with only six races left on the calendar, the MotoGP Already looking forward to next year with confidence and enthusiasm. Indeed, 2023 will be a real … Read more

Oglio Po GAL’s bike-friendly project, the Oglio Bike Tour . has begun

The Oglio Po LAG “Bicycle-Friendly” project, implemented in partnership with Oglio Sud Regional Park, with the Oglio Bike Tour in a completely new format: the first Bicistaffetta dell’Oglio Po. It is a candidate as a tourist experience for hobbyists, beginners and families to be one of the first examples of “cultural cycling” based on bike … Read more

Juventus wasn’t thought of that way, that’s the whole truth” – SOS Fanta

On Sep 17, 2022 at 11:45 am Massimiliano Allegri He tells his version. Not in a real interview, but in an informal conversation with Mario Sconcerti, which was posted this morning by Corriere della Sera. And these words attributed to Max Filter: “I am very sorry for this situation and I often wonder if I … Read more

Saronno comes back to talk about sustainable mobility but…citizens, administrators, and merchants deserted

Sarono – Only about twenty present, no official trader, in the evening Sustainable mobility organized by the municipal administration during bike week. However, all subjects were of great interest in the city: from 30 to pedestrian zones. From creating bike paths with the impact of choosing a city for pedestrians and bikers on businesses compared … Read more

I do this hoping it will serve at least one person

Without a team for more than a year, former Inter player Freddy Guarin posted an exciting message on Instagram: “God has already forgiven me and I have forgiven myself.” The surprise is causing a stir in Colombia The message sent by Freddy Guarin On his Instagram profile, the words heightened by the dramatic feel of … Read more

Basketball, Memorial Bottasin: friendly Milan-Pesaro shines in Sport de Vigevano

Spotlight is tomorrow Saturday at Palasport in Vigevano for the Serie A1 friendly match between Italian champion Armani Olimpia Milano and Carpegna Pesaro. The match was organized by Cat Vigevano in memory of its manager Gianluca Bottasin, who passed away last year. To tell the truth, it will be a whole day in his memory, … Read more

“The Marquis wasn’t bad, was he?”

Valentino Rossi is in Valencia for the penultimate race of the Fanatec GT WCE Championship season. Even in the absence of the prestigious results, he is in the center of the limelight, and he is firmly determined to win his first podium in this new adventure on four wheels. He held a press conference in … Read more

World Championship 2022. Van der Paul. “VAN AERT favourites, but I’m ready”

Matthew van der Poel will leave tomorrow and travel to Australia at the end of the Primus Classic. Immediately after Saturday’s race, the Dutchman will head to Brussels to take a flight that will take him to Dubai, and then a second plane bound for Sydney. The ride will take 25 hours, not so little … Read more