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The Aragon GP just ended, but MotoGP You can’t take a breath, actually! Drivers, engineers, mechanics and team managers are already working hard to deal with one of them Travel across continents. In fact, there is no scheduled break between today’s race and Japanese Grand PrixWhich will take place early next week! Undoubtedly, the calendar is not planned in the best way, as the absence of a balmy weekend will come severely affect the program From the Japanese designation.

In order to avoid the risk of a logistics emergency, it was literally decided Burn Free Training Session! Therefore, the track on Friday will only be on track in the Japanese afternoon (first Italian morning). The rest of the weekend will be the same as usual, but in order to let the centaurs (at least MotoGP) to find the Create an idea of your motorcycles, you will partially compensate for the cancellation free practice Friday morning, extended afternoon session. Only for the first category will the Moto2 and Moto3 have to adapt. There is another big difference to worry about command – order that will take the various teams to the track, the MotoGP will be theUltima to enter the scene also on Friday and Saturday, aiming to play with the time zone and sometimes make Class 1 less bearable for the European viewer.

It would be nice to see the track again Motegiabsent from the calendar in both 2020 and 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. To tell the truth, the Japanese Grand Prix has been in the balance for a long time again this year, but eventually the race will be able to stage it regularly. This is undoubtedly excellent news, as Land of the Rising Sun It represents the cornerstone of the World Championship, being home to the most successful manufacturers of all time. Honda First of all, however, the owner of the circle, but also Yamaha it’s a suzuki Unfortunately about to leave the scene. What will happen? To find out, just follow the Grand Prix at Television. Come?

MotoGP, in 2023 everything changes for Ducati. Will the Bagnaia-Bastianini tandem result in a split or duality?

Pay TV – Thematic channel Skysport Moto GP (208) he will send full direct From every turn From each category Motegi’s appointment, including free practice and warm-up, as well as qualifying and, of course, racing. also Sky Sport One (201) You will have the opportunity to suggest the same programming.

Free TV in the light – The free channel TV8 (125 from Sky and 8 from DTT) will be broadcast Freein Delayed , Japanese GP qualifications and races. There is no free live coverage of the event, while there will be no way to watch the training and warm-up for free.

flow – The entire Japanese race can be watched live on PC, tablet and smartphone via the app sky go (Reserved exclusively for Sky subscribers). It will also be possible to see it on the on-demand streaming service right Now. Finally, we must not forget how qualifications and postponed races will be available on the site

life life – OA Sport will give you complete written guidance for all rounds of the Japanese Grand Prix, from free practice runs to the checkered flag for each category race.

Japan GP 2022 – MOTOGP

Friday, September 23 (Italian schedule)
6,15-6,55AM Moto3, Free Workout 1
Hours 7.10-7.50, Moto2, Free Trials 1
8.05-9.20 AM MotoGP Free Training 1

Saturday 24 September (Italian schedule)
2.00-2.40 AM Moto3, Free Workout 2
2.55-3.35 Hours, Moto2, Free Trials 2
3.50 – 4.35 hours, MotoGP, Free Training 2
5.35-5.50AM, Moto3, Qualifiers – Q1
6.00 – 6.15 a.m., Moto3, Qualifiers – Q2
6.30 – 6.45am, Moto2, Qualifiers – Q1
6.55 – 7.10AM, Moto2, Qualifiers – Q2
7.25-7.55, MotoGP, Free Training 3
8.05-8.20 a.m., moto, qualifying – Q1
8.30-8.45 a.m., MotoGP, Qualifiers – Q2

Sunday 25 September (Italian schedule)
Ore 3.00-3.10, Moto3, Warm-up
Ore 3.20-3.30, Moto2, Warm-up
Raw 3.40-4.00, MotoGP, Warm-up
5.00 AM, Moto3, Grand Prix
6.20AM, Moto2, Grand Prix
8:00 a.m. Speedway, Grand Prix

Photo: LiveMedia/Valerio Origo