Record and Corsa EVO evolve

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There are two main innovations for Veloflex 2023 and they relate to expanding the range and divisions of models Record and Corsa EVO. The developments needed to meet the latest trends both in terms of wheels and bicycles.
All new 2023 products will be available from October 1, 2022.

“Our scope needed to evolve and add new divisions according to market demand – says Roberto Colleoni, director of a Bergamo-based company – Being a small craftsmanship and due to the difficulty of finding the raw materials, it has been a long time, but we are sure of the craftsmanship quality of the products issued. The Record model proves to be one of the fastest and lightest tires ever, while the 32mm section of the Corsa EVO we know will be appreciated by many who have been waiting for it.”

Veloflex da 25 mm e TR . log

Veloflex Record is one of the most famous tires of the Italian company.
Designed for those involved in time trial and circuit racing, to adapt to market demands and the latest rims, it also comes in the widest 25mm cross section, as well as the 23mm one always available.

In the very low weight interval version, 150 grams onlymaking it a lightweight, flexible, high-performance tire for those looking for the ultimate in racing performance.
In addition to the traditional Veloflex tube and open tube, Tubeless Ready . Technology.

The record form features a corresponds to 350 TPI (threads per inch), with tread pattern perfectly spotto enhance the performance of maximum speed and smoothness.

Membrane-equipped TLR version air lock To reduce air pressure loss The non-stretch circles are made from Zylon®, a very high modulus textile fiber that allows the rubber to stay on the edge when there is no inner tube.

25mm section is faster than 23mm

Tire rolling resistance tests are performed by Aerocoacha qualified laboratory in the UK, reports the excellent performance of the 25mm Veloflex Record, tubular and spacer with inner tube, as shown by the chart below.

Veloflex 2023 News
The indicated wattage represents the power required by a cyclist of about 75 kg pedaling at 45 km/h to overcome the rolling resistance of a pair of wheels with a latex inner tube or tubeless seal

Interestingly enough, testing confirms that the 25mm tire is smoother than the 23mm tire. The 25mm Veloflex Register with a latex inner tube was the model with the lowest rolling resistance, while the TLR (Tubeless Ready) version was marginally slower, followed by the 23mm model.

Notably, the 25mm TLR has the lowest rolling resistance of all the TLR tires Aerocoach has tested to date.

Corsa EVO 32mm: winks at e-bikes on the road

The second big news is the arrival 32 mm section on the Corsa EVO model, interval It is tubeless ready, with raised, black sides.

The Corsa EVO is engineered to deliver excellent performance in any situation. It has a very flexible structure in Corresponds to 320 TPI The compound is able to ensure cohesion and low resistance to rolling. The high-strength RKB (Elastic Kinetic Belt) guard tape reduces the risk of punctures.

The indicated wattage represents the force required by an average cyclist of about 75 kg pedaling at 45 km/h, to overcome the rolling resistance of a pair of wheels with a latex inner tube or tubeless sealant.

Insert winks 700 x 32 in electronic road bikenow more widespread, but also in Endurance bike with extra wide wheel lane.
the new pull domanFor example, it comes standard with 32mm tires.

Below you will find a table with details and prices of the new Veloflex 2023 products:

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