Red Bull, is there really a hoax for 2023? They will have a huge advantage

It is at these hours that interesting rumors spread about Red Bull. There may be a fatal trick for the competitors in the future.

Red Bull is one step away from winning two world titles, which will end with victory in 2022. Max Verstappen He won 11 of the 16 contested races so far, while Sergio Perez He satisfied his victory with success in Monte Carlo and first place in his career in Saudi Arabia.

Red Bull RB18 (La Bresse)

It couldn’t get any better for Milton Keynes, who, after returning to the top of the world in terms of drivers’ rankings last season, are now on the cusp of ending their dominance. mercedes Even between builders. The Brackley team has not lost from 2014 to the end, but the Anglo-Austrians are on the verge of ousting their historic rivals.

Red Bull was the last, before the advent of the hybrid era and the dictatorship of Toto Wolff men, to establish itself in the brand’s ratingsat the time of the couple form Sebastian Vettel e Mark Webberin 2013. The return to the top came after a long adjustment process, where the bet on the engines won Honda Which made a big difference.

In particular, RB18 It was not a well born cardue to weight gain, which made her much less slender than Ferrari In slow to medium curves. With developments and an amazing guide to Verstappenthe gap narrowed, until the devastating step forward taken by the technical staff headed by Adrian Newey From Spa-Francorchamps onwards.

Now, the dominance is obvious, given that the single seat of the “drinkers” no longer has any weaknesses: it is Best on straights and curvesWhether it is high, medium or low speed. Even telemetry data does not give a chance to Ferrariwhich since after the summer has no more strengths than the competition.

The RB18 is the best car in terms of tire management, and Verstappen makes a big difference, but now he has one invincible seat at his disposal. On the other hand, Rossa after a few laps found herself having to fight with a very severe deterioration, and on this front too mercedes Now higher than them.

In all of this, rumors surfaced about the famous light-up frame that was talked about a lot, but this Christian Horner so Helmut Marko categorically denied. Before Belgium, there were rumors about this important news that the RB18 would be approved, but nothing was announced as an officer.

Red Bull, Hulk could be the trick of the century

The lightweight chassis should have made its debut on Red Bull at the Singapore Grand PrixBut everything changed after the results of the last few races. The decision was made before the Belgian Grand Prix, since, until that point, it was Ferrari He was still hoping to be able to play the title, even if Max Verstappen It’s already been a long way.

On the other hand, the three most recent editions of European racing have permanently closed the accounts, and the Milton Keynes team will bring the final development to Singapore, but will not see the use of the new chassis. An interesting analysis appeared in Columns “‘, deals with a topic that can make a difference, even if there’s actually very little talk about it.

From this season, the budget cap letter has been strengthened, even if it has not yet been respected much given the many developments the teams have made. Apparently, I’ve also seen some crash tests already done that actually let Red Bull To homogenize the new chassis, this part will be used in 2023, but has already been factored into the spending cap for this season.

Therefore, Milton Keynes will establish the next single seat without spending money on the first structure to be used, having been included in the 2022 budget cap. Obviously the question remains open, and other teams will certainly seek clarifications regarding the International Federation, But it must be said Christian Horner And his men may have reached the century mark.

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The RB18 is a single seat that has evolved a lot during this tournament, surprising even Ferrari She herself was convinced that the FIA ​​would have had significant control over the issue of cost containment. Mattia BinottoAs usual, he erred in the face of the cunning of the competition, which for the thousandth time proved its superiority in all respects.