Rugby Ork, Zebri Two points and a lot of regret: Sharks pass 42-37

A questionable refereeing option 5′ from the end invalidates the stunning return of the Italian franchise

It would have been a brilliant victory, but the jubilation of Zebras and Lanfranchi was stifled by the decision of Welsh referee Craig Evans, who scored 5 minutes from the end – after reviewing the match goal for at least two minutes. on the big screen. Overtaking by Trulla – he even returned at the start of the event to whistle the ball to Vendetti immediately out of 22 zebras, thus providing the exact penalty for Chamberlain that authorized the 37-42 victory for the Sharks. And so the second day of United’s Rugby Championship turned into a bittersweet bite to be swallowed by Parma, between the two bonus points (as with Leinster) to rise to 4th in the standings (the quota arrived in March last season) and fail. For a victory that affects not only the referee’s decision, but more in the first half hour of the match in which only sharks were seen on the field.

bad effect

The Zebras found the roster the South Africans presented to be indigestible: center punches to wear down and engage in defense, sudden accelerations with averages and an extended triangle and a few kicks to get onto the field in case of need. In short, nothing new for the South African national team. But the Zebras were also taken aback, finding themselves playing for a few minutes in the double numerical inferiority of Yellow to Cook (stomping on opponent) and Jesse (volunteer striker). True to their name, the sharks pounced on their restless prey and in half an hour the score was 3-28 with goals by Hugo, Van Voorn, Cook and Jancy van Rensburg.


As happened with Leinster a week ago, in this case too, the last action in the first half marked the beginning of Zebre’s comeback. Indeed, three successive errors from the South African defense allowed Eden to raise his foot to 5m to start driving from the finish line (definitely in favor of yellow and blue for the whole match) and score with Biggie. Two more attempts early in the second half with Gesi sent by Cronje (but crucial Bruno to start the job and Eden to send the last defender out of time) and Fox-Matamua still in a 5m drop position partially stitched to a 22-31 tear. At this point, the sharks put their heads down using Zebras’ errors to add more points with Chamberlain’s foot and Jooste’s goal. Under 22-39 with 10′ from the finish the zebra built what seemed impossible. The 72nd minute hit again destroyed the South African defense, sending Vendetti in goal. 74th minute: Pierre Bruno turns on the rocket and flies untouched to the wing to find Trulla’s internal support for 34-39. Then again, Bruno (served by a perfect cross-kick from Eden) and Trulla packed what could have been a goal advantage and perhaps a victory. Evans’ whistle canceled out the scoring but not the impression made by the second half of the Zebra.