Rugby Parma beat Centurions in first test match

There is a lot of satisfaction in the house Rugby Parma As we see in the field on the occasion of the first test of the season against 1 Centurion Rugby.

Giallobl won the friendly match with Brescia that finished last season in fifth place in Group 1 of Serie A: Men Dobriz e monks That they debuted in two weeks as a newly minted (after 17 victories out of 18 contested races last season), they showed that they deserved their place in this championship.
In this first test, the staff arranged all available players to assess the results of their intense pre-season preparation on the field. Gialobli achieved a deserved victory (21-14), as a result of three converted goals against two goals scored by the visiting team, one of which was a free kick.

Commentary at the end of the match by the coach Robert de Prez: “I am really happy. The boys have worked hard for the past six weeks and faced their first match today. From my point of view, it was a tough test, but the players were really good”.
These, however, are the words of the assistant coach Marco Fratti: “I’m satisfied – Says the ‘ferrari’ who led the team to victory last spring – Because we started where we left off last year: with a victory. Not just any victory, but against a team already accustomed to Serie A. It’s positive and winning is always good; It’s a good sign that we give ourselves above all else, but also to the other teams in the group. I saw a lot of desire for play and dedication on the part of the boys. Last year, we laid the first brick of our beautiful home during the friendly match against CUS Milan, and yesterday we started building the new home that will host us this year.”.
The captain also analyzed the first test match Claudio Porsi: «Our team has been very strong last year. So we started from an excellent base and thanks to the arrival of some new players and many young players, I’m sure we can have fun this year. After more than a month of intense preparations, this first match made me happy. There are many things to improve, but it was good and played at a good pace. Really good start.”.

Next Saturday, the second and the last, a friendly match before the official start of the tournament: Rugby Parma receive the Primavera Rugby RomeHe returned to Serie A last June after being relegated to Serie B at the end of the 2019/20 season. Departure at Moletolo at 18.00.

Rugby Parma – Centurione Rugby 14-14 (7-7)

Tags: pt 8′ m Centurioni tr, 17′ m Maggiore tr Frati; Street 18′ m Balsemin tr Colla, 25′ m tecnica Centurioni, 31′ m Modoni M. tr Colla

Rugby Parma (first half): Gennari, Bianconcini, Piccioli, Silva, Sorio, Fratti, Reggie Riva (see chapter), Borsi (chapter), Balsamin, Ruaro, Granieri, Caselli, Fiume (Lanzano), Maggiore, Calo. Everyone.: Du Breeze, Friars.

Rugby Parma (second half): Colla, Marani, Conti (Piccioli), Borges, Tiberti, Pattacini (Silva), Modoni P., Ruaro (Borsi), Caselli (see cap.), Modoni M. (cap.), Granieri (Balsemin), Schianchi, Lanzano Bonofiglio Palma (Amin Fawzi Amin). All: Du Preez, Friars.

Rule: Carmine Marrazo (MO).