Rugby: Veer launches new elite development path for women’s team | Olympia News 24 hours

Rome, September 21. – (Adnkronos) – From youth teams to the blue jersey, to arrive one day not far to dream of boarding a plane to travel to the Rugby World Cup.Italian women’s rugby takes a new step into the future, after introducing a central contract with the players of the national team was announced in April, with Showcasing the new high-level development path, symbolically linked to the exit of the national team for the upcoming Autumn World Championships in New Zealand and operation from the 2022/23 sporting season: Federugby (Fir) consolidates projects dedicated to women’s rugby by formalizing a path aimed at enhancing and increasing competitiveness International movement through a selection series ending, starting at U16, to find the natural landing. The Women’s Excellence Championship is increasingly competitive and practical for the needs of elite rugby. Fir integrates projects dedicated to women’s rugby by formalizing a path aimed at enhancing and increasing the international competitiveness of the movement through a training series ending to find a natural landing spot in the most competitive and functional women’s championship of excellence. Football. At the base of the track is a capillary training process, through regional technical structures, starting from U16 with later identification of potential under-17 athletes and identification of an expanded group of players who can continue the growth path through international youth pool activities. Training and competition. Players under 17 who have been selected to participate in the women’s high-level tournament, which is organized in four regional technical areas, will be able to count on group district meetings and coaching, individual coaching supervised by federal technicians, and competitions among district selections, beginning with their next participation With the Italian national under-18 team, the first phase of the international rugby fair which will then continue with the selection of athletes for the under-20 team and the national team. “The recent results of the Italian women’s team, which climbed to fifth in the world rankings, are an inspiration to develop a path that will allow us to ensure continuity at the international level. Among the goals of creating the elite female path is to strengthen our position at the international level, and to implement the best practices applied Initially over the years also in the male field.By structuring a path in a well-defined, functional way to train athletes for international activity and ranging in different areas such as setting the course at the youth level, many players will have the opportunity to make a first comparison in at the international level., In preparation for the National Seniors who will be able to count on an increasingly competitive squad. At the same time, the skills acquired during the course will contribute to the harmonious development of the entire women’s movement, with positive repercussions for our First Division”, stated Daniele Pacini, Technical Director of Fir Organizing a youth training course represents a defining moment for the growth of the Italian women’s movement. From the necessary expansion of our women’s rugby base, through a more active organization In the region, we will continue to support the growth of female supply chains in clubs and player training, divided by age groups. At the same time, for the U18 category, there will be identification of a wide range of athletes of national interest, who can take their first steps in international competitions for juniors, increase the possibilities for the development of athletes through international rallies and Test matches and contribute to the contribution of women’s rugby activity coordinator, Maria Christina Tona “To improve competitiveness, the technical level of the women’s championships and expand the national team base.”

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