Sebastiano Rossi: “I could have gone to Naples but Berlusconi arrived. Diego came to my birthday: I have two unique stories. Eurogol di Canio? Blame the sun!”

“How many memories with Napoli!”. Sebastiano Rossi Several challenges marked between Milan and the Azzurri in the 1990s. With Capello he won practically everything he could possibly win, and also set unbeaten records for the role of goalkeeper. Today, Rossi is in charge of goalkeepers for Cesena in the third division. He enjoys, studies and gives valuable advice to those who occupy Romagna’s positions in the first team but also in the youth sector.

His career began in the Italian league against Napoli in the 1987-88 season

“We played at home, and Bagni scored me. I appeared in Serie A after winning a promotion with Cesena. It was a huge emotion for me, that match against Azzurri is still an indelible memory of the personal value you represent. When I read about Napoli a ring that always witnesses On the grandeur of that audience that comes to mind…”


“Obviously we won a home match with Milan. At the end of the match, the whole San Paolo stood up to applaud us. I still see that scene in my mind. I’ve rarely seen it before. The Napoli fans are always there. It was amazing, as an opponent I felt all their warmth. Things Really unbelievable”

I was one of the few goalkeepers who conceded a right-footed goal from Maradona

“It was the only goal that Diego managed to score for me in those years. I remember the dynamics of this goal well. He shot the ball with his right but managed to defeat me. But with him on the field it was a real duel in Cesena-Napoli 0-0, we played at night, I saved.” Incredibly from his free kick directed to the crossbars. At the end of the match, he took me aside and jokingly asked: “You have to tell me how you managed to catch it!” Diego was more than just a footballer. He was a real captain, and everyone on the field depended on him. when they were in trouble.”

A wonderful friendship was also born between her and Pibe

“Exactly yes, I also invited him to one of my birthdays. There were a lot of us at that party”

Even today on Youtube, the eurogol review of Paolo Di Canio against her in the famous Napoli-Milan takes place. After all these years, can you tell us how it went?

“I have a long friendship with Paolo. That goal was practically one play. He didn’t have extra space after the two dribbles and kicked me on the near post to my right. I didn’t see the ball because I was blinded by the sun. It let me guess the course”

Many remember her in Milan, but few know that you could have ended up in Naples before signing for the Rossoneri.

“I confirm, there was Napoli. At that time there was Moggi as manager. There was a strong interest in addition to that of Juventus. In the last game Milan came out and decided to sign them. If I remember correctly they made me a three-year contract”

In addition to Maradona, was there another Blue who was so afraid when he had to play against us?

“Ah well, definitely Careca. He was also one of the strongest strikers of that period in Italy and abroad”

As a former goalkeeper, how has the role changed today?

“In the basics, little has changed. Perhaps, compared to my time, we are now more looking for the game with my feet. The real problem in my opinion is another: there are very few Italian goalkeepers. It is a paradox because we have always been the best historical school in the world”

Speaking of Italian goalkeepers, Napoli has Merit

“I reported Alex to Milan when he was playing at Udinese Primavera. I saw him several times when I was an observer for the Rossoneri club. It gives me great pleasure that after so many years I have seen him along (laughs). He is a footballer I respect a lot, he really has everything to be He’s one of the best and I’m glad he’s doing well now with the national team.”

Does Kvaratskhelia remind you a bit of Lentini?

“From what I’ve seen I have to say he had a bit of Gigi before his horrific car accident happened to him. He reminds me a lot of his moves, his dribbling, and his physicality.”

Who was more important to you, Lugarisi or Berlusconi?

“I put them on the same level. They really represented everything to me. I can only be grateful for the two families. For me they are one.”