Serie B – Luciana Mosconi Ancona: two friendlies to end pre-season

After canceling the friendly against Toros Jesse and resting for a day and a half, Luciana Mosconi Ancona returns to the gym on the afternoon of Monday 19 September to begin her penultimate week of training before the tournament kicks off. On the horizon for captain Panzini and his teammates there are two friendlies to test the team’s condition further as day one approaches (Sunday 2 October in Balarocini against the Romanian Tigers).
The match kicks off on Wednesday, September 21st when at 7.30pm Dorian will take the field at PalaMedi in Porto Recanati against the upcoming Attila Junior Basket local squad to play the Serie C Gold Championship as a freshman. Testing the evidence Despite the difference in category against a team in any way trained by confirmed coach Nicola Scalabroni (also former assistant coach Piero Coen on the bench Recanati) has inside it well-known former players of Luciana Mosconi such as Lorenzo Baldoni. (Captain Dorico in the 18/19 season) Matteo Ridolph and Filippo Centani, another former Ancona player from CAB Stamura such as Mario Mancini and Francesco Alessandrone, are new signings from Porto Recanati and were also seen in Stamura jersey in the third division a few seasons ago. Argentines Joaquín Gamazo and Lotaro Fraga enriched the staff of President Perini.
The second friendly match on the calendar takes the tone of a general rehearsal for the tournament. On Saturday 24 September, with a double ball scheduled for 6.00 pm, Real Sebastiani Rieti Palarossini will visit, the team that Luciana Mosconi will find as a rival and then in the league as well. Dorian and Sabine share the fact that they were eliminated from Supercoppa by Roseto (Ancona in the second round and Rieti in the next round) and will meet one week after their first league appearance with the Lazio players who will be in sight away from Lazio on day one. Real Sebastiani is rightly the favorite of Group C because they have a top-level roster coached by Sandro D’Agnello who was relegated to the B division after years of A2. Piazza and Spanghero in the control room, the outer section completed by Contento, Tomasini, and Piccin. Mastrangelo, Ceparano and Chinellato are closer to the basket with Ancona Alessandro Paesano and Ferdinando Matrone presiding over the area. Just mentioning the names is enough to understand the quality of Rieti’s staff. The friendly will also be a chance to see Marcelo Chiodoni, who is now DT for Real Sebastiani and even a few months ago in the management organizational chart for his hometown team.

The match against Rieti will also be an opportunity for fans to get to know the new team and sign up for the season ticket. The company presented the campaign 22/23 through its social channels and from Monday 19 September open sales with daily appointments in Palarossini (from 17.30 to 19.00) where it will be possible to buy a ticket that will entitle you to enter the sports hall for matches at home. By Luciana Mosconi. Prices are: Full Season Ticket 90€, Discount Ticket 50€ (Women, Parents of CAB Stamura athletes, Season and Ticket holders USA, Ancona, over 65, children 12-18 are not CAB Stamura Ancona members ).

The rest of the week will see the Coen men train a double session on Tuesday and Friday. Thursday, due to unavailability of Palarossini, afternoon training only in Palascherma.