Serie B – Virtus Imola in the ascendancy of melee with the Tigers

Virtus Imola continues his regular season style in the best possible way, beating the same Tigers Romagna class 93-69. Chief Valgimigli’s team appeared in PalaRuggi shocked by the road accident that occurred a few hours ago, in which some staff including coach Domizioli were involved. Brighi sits on the bench to take his place during joint training.

Gialonieri coach Regazzi flexes his muscles by scoring again over 90 points divided by 10 actual players entering the field; Putting 10 times 5 of them on the hands of the very hot Luca Galassi; sending Mladenov, Galassi and Aglio in double digits, with Carta, Magnoli and Pellegrini on 7 and Solliani on 8; Winning all quarters, albeit two in a tight fashion (22-20 and 23-21), but in the first (25-13) and third (23-13) dominated the matches largely; All in front of a good public place, considering the time of a Saturday afternoon in mid September.

Virtus starts off strong, influences her tempo in the match from the start (10-4 in 4′ and 22-9 in 7′) and turns the score in her favour. Cervia appears to disarm in the first minutes, but over time he also finds good racing speed, taking advantage of Lovisotto’s inventions near the basket. Altogether, in the first two quarters, there are many good basketball flashes, even if coach Regazzi’s interest is primarily related to the chemistry of attack and defense patterns.

Galassi and Mladenov start the show with a play from Veneto who signs 4 triples for 16 points that takes him into the first half, while Bulgarian-Rimini gets a feel for the flavor of the derby, hitting his opponents with 10 points and plenty of consistency. in offensive moves. In the interval we stop at +12 for 47-35 which really captures what we saw on the field.

In the second half, aside from some fire, the pace slows down and Virtus knows how to manage the advantage, even extending it with a 6′ and 9′ rip when it flies to 67-45.

Coach Regazzi, who rolled the numbers from the start, focused for a long time on Soliani in the control room, and also found good responses from Carta (up to a hat-trick in the second quarter), Pellegrini (5 points in the last turn) and Dalpozzo (three times in the final).

The final quarter is certainly slower than previous periods, if only for the many laps in the line on either side of the court: Galloneri scored a 9-free in 23 of the set, breaking it with the trio of Dalpozo and Solliani as well. Starting with the mid-range baskets of Mladnov, Pellegrini and Karta (2).

Applause, applause again for Virtus Imola who deservedly won the only test match played against another team in the second division.

On Saturday, September 24 at 5.30 pm, the Gialonieri will visit the Ferrara Club, the team that has participated in the A2 Series championship for years. The venue will be where Virtus lost the second game of the final to another Este team in June.

Virtus Imola – Romagna Tigers 93-69

(Partial: 25-13/47-35/70-48)

Virtus Imola: Mladenov 20, Galassi 19, Carta 7, Dalpozo 5, Aglio 11, Morara 6, Magnoli 7, Pellegrini 7, Soliani 8, Milovanovic 3, Alberti, Neo. All: Reggae

Cervia: Favarito, Veronese 2, Loviesto 22, Frigoli 8, Bertini 9, Stella, Perucci 7, Tomsic 10, Bracci 2, Ferrari 3, Rossi 6. All: Briggi