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The coexistence of Formula 1 and MotoGP on the same track is often a topic of debate. In the 2022 World Championship calendar alone, nine tracks host or have hosted in the past the FIA’s top series for singles seats: Qatar, Austin, Portimao, Jerez, Mugello, Barcelona, ​​Silverstone, Red Bull Ring and Malaysia. However, accidents such as those in recent editions of the Austrian two-wheeled Grand Prix highlight different safety criteria, as well as different criteria for judging the quality or monotony of the track depending on the category under analysis.

jarno zavellifounder of Dromo Circuit Design, explained View of the topic: “It often happens that they want to be shared, but it is not done for calendar reasons. A few years ago I said that when the track is beautiful, it is beautiful for both cars and motorcycles. However, there are technical conditions that favor one Formula 1 track over another. Zandvoort, for example, is a small track for a Formula 1 car, which with its length, speed and lateral acceleration you need on big tracks. When 5.5/6 km trails were created recently, the goal was precisely to do justice and proportion to this scale, I understand it. But with this scale, there is a risk of weakening the technical details of the track.”

“MotoGP generally needs escape spaces that aren’t necessarily bigger, but are made differently”Follows Zavilli. “In recent years there has been a convergence of FIA and FIM requirements and convergence is coming. However, closeness is not always a priority for the designer. Designing a track for Formula 1 racing is relatively simpler than one that has to deal with many motorcyclists, each with their own idea of ​​how to make the track or pavement.” The difference lies not only in the safety parameters, but also in the characteristics that must be given to the path to determine its success: MotoGP riders are more demanding than Formula 1 ridersBecause they fall and break their bones. They have a different way of having fun on the track: they lean, and they go from side to side, it’s completely different. In Formula 1, on the other hand, you are a ground-to-ground missile commander who has to move frequently left and right, and generally on tracks, you won’t experience ups and downs that make you squish like a spa. Like Monza doesn’t say anything for MotoGP racing, but Portimao says a lot for both Formula 1 and MotoGP”, Eng. concluded.

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