Sky City Cup – Good Venezia Raider drops against Jess

The Allianz Jess won the first race of the Cita de Sciu Cup against the still patchy Umana Rier but managed to keep pace with their opponents until the last siren sounded.
Shepard moves the board, reciprocating with an equal turn Moore who immediately gives the impression. He scored “nailed” for long minutes on absolute parity after Mildere’s points. Defenses prevail over attacks even if Lombard players manage to extend into the last quarter bars by closing the first 10′ with Ramon at 8 to 17.
The start of the second break sees a backlash from the orogranata responding to Bestagno’s trilogy with Shepard and Villa. Queer earns his first official points in the eurogranite jersey, and Shepherd once again dragged his teammates to -3 (19-22 to -6.33). Geas responds with Dotto who scores and provides an amazing behind-the-back assist to Moore. Andrea Matson, as always, gives plenty of space to his young girls who cast determination, desire and … the inevitable inexperience on parquet. Umana is close to just 3 points and 150 seconds off the long interval thanks to some excellent turnarounds that forced Sestese coach to timeout. Moore makes a huge buzz after the suspension minute, and on the mid-race whistle, Bestagno shuts down at 26 to 33.
Returning from the long break sees Shepherd hitting the double digits of personal spoils (for her at the end there will be 21 points scored, “seasoned” with 10 rebounds). However, Geas regained +9 thanks to Croatian Begic while under the crystals the battle between Cubaj and Moore is lit. Sheppard and Villa cut the gap in half before penalizing the unsportsmanlike Pistagno for his tough tackle on Matilde Villa. The blinds are rolled one length, to close the third with a large 40 to 41 power.
The recent period promises to be “fiery” even if Geas seems to have some more energy than Lakes who keeps rotating many girls in the youth sector. Geas have a new double-digit advantage (46-56 to -4.53) which puts a huge risk on the bottom line. Shepherd “roars” on his part with a three-point action and Villa flies off the counter, once again putting his breath on the competitors’ neck (51-56 at -2.58). As for “Lella” Santucci, it’s not in perfect condition, it’s 1/2 a frame but her subsequent flash in the painting can’t help but make her “forgive”. Always Shepherd from under the measurement for -2 which leads the teams to the final rush. The Fasina and Panzera trio make their seats explode, but it’s Jess who cheers up the final whistle by reaching tomorrow’s final for first and second places.
Excellent evidence of the Venetian women continuing their march toward Opening Day awaiting the final recovery of Francesca Bane, the return of Sarah Madeira and seeing Dillaire and Yazuma in action, currently participating with their national teams at the World Championships.

Umana Rier – Allianz Gis Sesto S. Giovanni 59-63

partial: 8-17; 26-33; 40-41

Umana Reyer: Carrer ne, Villa 11, Franchini, Meldere 4, Cubaj 6, D’Este ne, Fassina 5, Carraro, Santucci 5, Shepard 21, Kuier 7, Versuro,
(All. Andrea Mattson)

Allianz Jess Sesto S. Giovanni: Dotto 7, More 22, Pejek 14, Arturi ni, Gorini ni, Pistagno 9, Tafa, Trucco 3, Panzera 3, Resmini N, Ramon 5, (all. Cinzia Zanotti).