Spezia Samp 2-1: Sabri goal, Murillo goal, down

Murillo’s own goal gave Guti’s team success over a month later. Stunning in Dragowski’s finale on Quagliarella

From our correspondent Alex Frosio

La Spezia is still fatal for Sampdoria. For the third year in a row, Sampdoria have fallen on the cusp and now it’s a crisis: the third defeat in a row, the fifth out of seven days that Giampaolo’s side have yet to win. It starts with a little tension. A group of Sampdoria fans were placed on one side of the amphitheater, where the home crowd is. A police cordon was hastily organized to separate the guests from the household items. On the field, the start of the match flashes. In Sampdoria’s first real attack, in 11 minutes, Sabry managed to pick up on the trocar, turned around and did not think for a moment: his sudden right foot from 25 metres, the ball rises and then suddenly falls towards the far post. A stunning goal, with a shot that Gialaba would have defined as a “gap”. So dazzling that Sampdoria itself gets distracted. The feature lasts about eighty seconds and no more. In fact, Spezia immediately equalized: bypassing Holm’s low cross from left to right, Ferrari closed but the ball hit Murillo and rolled into the net.

weak side

Net is fortunate but exposes the weak side of Sampdoria, on the left, where Augello tightens the situation, helps Djuric and Sabri a little, so Holm is always free to sink. Murillo at 15 minutes close to downhill, launched by a mess between the Colombian and Ferrari, at 28′ Gyassi comes out behind the defense on Ampadu’s firing but widens the diameter: an offside signal was reported, but it’s a missed opportunity. In the 41st minute he lunged from Rica and a low cross, predicted Augello Holm with a hairline. Spezia concludes the first half without achieving any result regarding the goal, and Sampdoria touched two goals because in the 28th minute, Sabri’s goal adds a left shot from Rincon, who is the most vital in leading the chase in the opposite half of the field.


Samp pressure builds at the start of the second half: at 6′ Saberi tries again from the outside (high), at 7′ Djuric snatches Bourabeh in a low build and puts Kabuto in front of Dragowski who performs in the first crucial series of tackles. At 11, La Spezia’s response comes from the group: Ampadu with his head forcing Audero to jump. But the hosts are struggling to reposition the pitch, Sampdoria takes metres. In the 16th minute, with a free kick from Sabri: Dragovsky with his fist. At 21′ Saberi is still off the edge, this time trying to shoot but the ball just went out. La Spezia always breaks right: at 24′ holm transverse from the area, he tries downhill from the ledge but Odero blocks it. At 27 minutes from La Spezia. from where? From the right of course. Bourabiah sends Holm to the cross and this time the ball hits just to smash downhill. In the meantime, the changes: In Leris’s Samp Gabbiadini (after Vieira for Villar), Gotti reads the changes on the spot, putting Hristov for Reca and Ekdal for Kovalenko and redesigning a 4-2-3-1 to stop a right-handed Penny. Defender, where Gabbiadini is located. And Conte moved, replacing the suspended Giampaolo, to 4-3-1-2, with Quagliarella instead of Caputo and Ferry instead of Durić. It’s an assault. Dragoovsky becomes the protagonist. At 37′ he intercepted the double attempt of Gabbiadini and Sabiri, in recovery he came out on the feet of Quagliarella fired by Gabbiadini. After 4′ of recovery, at the final whistle, all of Spezia’s team goes to embrace the goalkeeper.