Sports Festival, Galliani: From Dybala to Monza to Real Show Sheva

The CEO of the red and white club that Garlando met at the Teatro Sociale in Trento is a flooded river: “Tears after Juventus? Minimum wage …”. Then a lot of Milan, from Kaka to Ronaldinho to Maldini. And on Allegri: “Football is a league”

From our correspondent Valerio Piconi

“Tears after winning with Juventus? Excuse me, my mother used to take me to the stadium to watch Monza when I was 5. It was and still is an endless love story, a few tears is the minimum wage.” Adriano Galliani is very inspiring, however, in the audience of the Teatro Sociale di Trento, he also tells of his victory away from the field, in the Duomo of Monza “where an old lady told me: ‘We beat Juventus!” . He had “escaped” from the stadium. Then came a barrage of compliments. “Even Ancelotti. We talk a lot with Carlito, he had to play for Atletico and I told him if he was worried. And he said: No, I was worried about Monza, Juve…”.


Galliani is a busy journey in the midst of many years of football and Milan, but the news is always there. Excuse me, asks Luigi Garlando who interviewed him on the opening day of the sports festival, but is it true that you could have caught Icardi at Monza? “No, there was never that possibility. President Berlusconi was pressing hard for Dybala, I spoke to the agent but the player wanted a team with a different name than Monza.”

Shiva I Zidane

Galliani are countless stories and characters from the football market. The Monza CEO’s personality is a blast behind the scenes. It turns out that Florentino Perez offered 110 billion lira to bring Shevchenko to Real Madrid and Berlusconi did not transfer him to Turin to buy Zidane. Then Roberto Baggio, “who could have come to Milan five years ago, in 1990. We signed the contract, we signed the beau, but the regret remains.” Another icon: Kaka. “The last Ballon d’Or for a Serie A footballer. About him I just want to remember the one-of-a-kind phone call in the world from Rui Costa. 15 days after the arrival of his new teammate he called me and said: ‘I’m sorry but I have to go.'” Kaka is much stronger than me.” On the other hand, Galliani admits his desire: “Ronaldinho would have defeated him. With his talent he could have played until he was 60 if he hadn’t… Seeking pleasure among music, the fair sex, and ice-cold beer, but the most powerful of it was Van Basten.”

“It’s Milan”

The thirty-one years of Milan cannot be forgotten. But why didn’t Paolo Maldini join the company until after you and Berlusconi had left? “Maldini is Milan. I have great affection for him, I offered him all the roles except mine and the role of Berlusconi. He always refused but maybe it was better, who knows, there is a moment for everything.”


Just turn your gaze a little towards the tournament and a question arises away from home: Would Allegri have changed him with a team that plays so badly? “I love Allegri. But first of all I say: look what he has won, let’s not joke. I think sometimes football is cyclical: no one makes a mistake if the wheel does not turn, this also happened in different periods for Real Madrid and Manchester United. And now this is happening to Juventus.” But did you know that Milan Monza will be in exactly one month? “I’ll see you from the usual place, I won’t cheer. Milan is always inside me, but now I’m committed to Monza 24 hours a day. Also because I’m in the locker room I posted this sentence: ‘It took 110 years to get to Series A, we can’t go back after 12 months.'”