MotoGP, schedules and where to watch the 2022 Thai Grand Prix (Buriram) on TV

A weekend full of emotions for Engines on Sky. From Thursday, September 29 to Sunday, October 2,an exclusive live appointment at sky mail in su . stream Currently With the world championship for Thailand Grand Prix And with the F1 World Championship for Singapore Grand Prix. Sunday at 10 o’clocklive from Chang’e International Circuit in … Read more

MotoGP 2023 calendar, this is the temporary calendar!

twenty one stages Dorna tries again: after also setting 21 dates in 2022, it’s down to 20 with the appointment Finland which, however, is missing Definitively after three years of operation, MotoGP is once again aiming for the record with the inclusion of GP Del Kazakhstan e IndiaAt the expense of the Aragon GP, ​​which … Read more

Aprilia: Could it be a World Cup for regret? [TITOLI DI CORSA]

Let’s make it clear right away, this world championship will end and will remain in Aprilia’s special history. The first victory in MotoGP (Argentina last April, editor), a technical growth that gave Noale’s house more than a brick to build a future as champion, dedicating Alex Espargaro, in the second part of the championship, with … Read more

“Reducing aerodynamics would be a big mistake.”

Aprilia is one of the manufacturers that believes in and invests in aerodynamics. front wing of RS-GP, if “F1 style“It is the only one of its kind in the world championship And in the past few races, an unprecedented torpedo-shaped chassis has appeared. Romano Albisiano, Aprilia’s technical director, does not want this development to be … Read more

Cal Crutchlow instantly makes a c**aro: “I don’t remember anything.” But in RNF there is nothing to laugh about …

The Englishman would already replace Andrea Dovizioso from Aragon and at the first exit in front of the microphones immediately returned to the Gascon of all time, mocking his condition after so long without a grand prix. However, in his team, there is not much desire to joke, because at this time the news that … Read more

“In San Donato, we went from the separation stage at an altitude of 340 meters to 300 meters”

Braking is the point of most transgressions, the crucial counters between victory and defeat. When it comes to the Separate, one can only ask the technicians of Brembo, the Italian company that supplies its systems to all MotoGP teams. Mattia Tombolan is Brembo circuit engineer: we asked him if and how the development of aerodynamics … Read more

Motogp: Ducati Party in Misano, Bagnaia reopens the World Championship standings for access and ranking – Moto

Ducati today that will win in Misano. At the Grand Prix of San Marino and Rimini Rivera, the two-wheeled red puts on a show with the flawless Francesco Bagnaia, able to take the lead after the first turns and dominate the finish line to strike a historic poker game of consecutive victories; But also with … Read more

MotoGP, Bagnaia fastest on first day of Misano testing! Marquez sees himself in the saddle!

The Marquis of Sin Challenges he is Marc Marquez to highlight the most On the first of two days that will see all the MotoGP class racers and a few testers take part in Misano Adriatico, as it was last weekend Francesco Bagnaia took home the fourth win in a row in the tournament, Shortened … Read more