Happy Casa Brindisi, competitive roster. Warranties Bowman and Reed

And the Riccardo Morashini e Dariuss ThomsonPassing through Adrian Banks e D’Angelo Harrison. The “duo” guard point has seen in recent years with a shirt Happy Casa Toast Players who left their mark and contributed to the “riches” of Contrada Masserola FC. This year the “ball” goes to Kyran “Ky” Bowman and marquise caneTwo of … Read more

The words of Vazoller and Banks

Although the 10th anniversary party in Piazza dei Signori was canceled due to bad weather, the Nutribullet Treviso Basket Show held at the Maggior Consiglio, It was still a moment of celebration. To open the evening, in the presence of Environmental Policy Adviser Alessandro Manera, was the speech of UniVerso President Piergiorgio Paladin, who highlighted … Read more

Students: Kanto, we’ve come a long way

Kanto / grass for basketball Tuesday 27 September 2022 the offer Yesterday the President spoke clearly to the sponsors and the authorities present at Castello di Casiglio: “With heart, head and commitment from all, in these three years we have restored credibility and a good balance sheet” El Spoo. “This is supposed to be an … Read more

Serie A, dates and times for the first four days

One week to go. Basketball Series A is ready to get back on the field. In the coming days, the Italian Super Cup final will officially open the 2022/2023 season. The 2022 Super Cup, scheduled to take place at PalaLeonessa in Brescia between Wednesday 28 and Thursday 29 September, will award the first trophy of … Read more

Olympia Milan, here is Metro Long, Baron and Davis: “Here to win together”

Milan unveils the first deals for the new season. Stavropolos: “They are players we chased after. With them we will ride a selling spree outside the forum” Three good men. Milan unveils its first summer purchases of the new season. They are Naz Metro Long, 29, former Brescia playmaker Billy Baron, 31, former Zenit St … Read more

Basket Scafati, running in PalaMangano does not start: Shepherd Longobardi’s wrath

peeled; In the council room of the “Francesco Morlicchio” library the municipal council was held last night, where the management of Scafati (Sa) was supposed to approve the financial budget for 2022/2024, an initial step to purchase the renovation works of PalaMangano and the Municipal Stadium, necessary to make both structures coherent for the tournaments … Read more

Pierluigi Marzoratti has turned 70, the historical play of Canto and Italy

Italy’s greatest toy maker blows out candles. Throughout his Canto career in which he won it all, he was in the blue among the “Heroes of Nantes” “To go and play in the chapel, I ran out of the study window in our house on the first floor. The only way was not to let … Read more

Formula 1, World Volleyball and European Basketball Championship: Record ratings on Sky

Sunday of great sports on Sky With the Italian GP of Formula 1, Eurobasket And the Italfuli men’s world champion It has also been rewarded with great reviews. Record numbers also on Sky Sport’s social and web features After volleyball and basketball, we support the tennis blues on the sky until the Listen strengthening Historic … Read more

Pirello’s 70th birthday: ‘But I’m still in the basketball game’

Happy birthday Pirlo. Today, Pier Luigi Marzoratti, the Canto basketball flag and Italian and world basketball icon, has launched 70 candles. “But there is no private party, a family dinner with everyone. I have to finish the report of my last business trip to Sicily.” On the other hand, it is what it is: always … Read more

“Being a Cantorino means one thing: never give up”

Basketball Kanto / Kanto – Mariano Friday 09 September 2022 Greetings from Alessandro Palermo, Acqua S. Bernardo Press Officer: “I still relate to Bancoto and some guys. Jefferson and Mitchell, what kinds” “Good luck Alessandro!” The banner of Eagles during Canto Brescia, dedicated to Alessandro Palermo, hit the sign. Two tears crossed the face of … Read more