UEFA Europa League Midtjylland – Lazio 5-1 – Football

The setback that no one in Lazio had hoped would arrive, resoundingly, on Danish soil: On the second day of the European League, Midtjylland eliminates Biancocelesti with a better performance from all points of view. Too bad the Capitoline, who started on paper and after convincing success with Feyenoord made his debut as a candidate … Read more

Champion: Juventus – Benfica 1-2, Rangers – Napoli 0-3 – All results – football

The second day of the Champions League. Three key points for Napoli, now first alone in the group with 6 points, +3 over Liverpool and Ajax, the next rivals of the Azzurri. However, Rangers is still at 0 points, as a result of two defeats in the most number of games without scoring any goals … Read more

Giroud after Milan and Dinamo Zagreb: “Disappointed with the change”. But Pioli extinguishes the controversy

The Frenchman scored in 14 matches with the Rossoneri: everyone won. Pioli recalibrates the switch issue: “We talked about it and clarified it, I can’t drain it, Napoli on Sunday” One man one sentence. And with that we reached the height of fourteen and the happy pairing continued. Fourteen is the number of matches Giroud … Read more

AC Milan – Dinamo Zagreb 3-1: The Rossoneri are in first place in Group E of the Champions League

In Meazza he opens Giro with a penalty kick, and doubles the Saelemaekers. Orcic deceives the Croats, but it is the seal that put Pobiga The ones you would expect. Like Giroud, the senator who arrived in Milanello as a champion of Europe. And the ones you don’t expect. Like the Saelemaekers and Pobega, workers … Read more

AC Milan – Dinamo Zagreb and Pioli: “We will be at the top in the Champions League”

The Rossoneri coach on the eve of the Dinamo Zagreb match: “It’s not a crucial game, but it’s very important. De Kitleari? Can he play the heart of the striker?” From our correspondent Marco Basuto September 13 Milanello (Varese) There is fatigue, but there is beauty, too. To play the games to score. It will … Read more

Inter-Bayern 0-2 Champions League: Sané goal and D’Ambrosio own goal

A wonderful display from the German opened the scoring in the first half, which he dominated, then the Nerazzurri responded, but he was subjected to an unfortunate goal from D’Ambrosio. Bayern Munich is updating the counter: always the winner of the Nerazzurri Meazza, 19 consecutive wins for the first time in the Champions League and … Read more

Champions League, results: Ajax and Barcelona show, Atlético Madrid is amazing

The Dutch beat Rangers 4-0 and lead with Napoli in Group A. The Blaugrana started well (with a goal scored by Casey), while Tottenham won their first match against Marseille. In Madrid, it all happens, with three stoppage-time goals and Cholo’s win thanks to Griezmann’s 101st goal. Francesco Calvi Salvatore Malfitano September 7 – Milan … Read more

Napoli – Liverpool 4-1, Zielinski Super in the Champions

Three to zero at the end of the first half (Zelensky, Anguise and Simeone), with Osimhen penalty saved by Alisson. The second half again, Zielinski closes Diaz A magical and unforgettable evening for Maradona fans: four against one and Liverpool sent home after Napoli dropped a poker game from one that will remain in the … Read more

Champion: Salisburgo – Milan 1-1, goals at Okafor e Salemaker’s Stadium

Balanced match at Red Bull Arena: The Austrians are ahead of Okafor, the Belgian finds a 1-1 draw before the end of the first half. Portuguese job in recovery If a year ago Milan had started the Champions League with an illusion and defeat at Anfield, this time they started with solid facts: 1-1 at … Read more