MotoGP, Ducati’s records after the Japanese Grand Prix in Motegi won by Miller

All season records or team equivalents were defeated by Borgo Panigale in Motegi, with Miller taking Ducati’s 11th win in 2022 (same score as in 2007). Absolute record (26) for platforms Japan GP: Highlights – report cards Jack Miller conqueredEleventh win of the season for Ducatigoing to equal to 2007While On the podium, it’s a … Read more

MotoGP, Japanese GP. Super Miller, drops Bajnaya: Ducati with two faces in Motegi

The main theme of Motegi Racing lies in the home of Ducati. Sweet thoughts accompany the Australian anthem played by Miller. Jack deserves caresses of joy for his human qualities And because it showed that when you’re a decent and humble person, you can also leave with a smile and a hug. Miller was the … Read more

MotoGP, Japanese GP. Miller: I lost to Tsuda, but the lap is still good

Miller signs the best lap of free practice on Friday at Motegi, which was done on a partially wet track, a very favorable condition for the Australian driving style. The Ducati rider is the fastest although Takuya Tsuda (Wild Card Suzuki) held him back: “On that lap I was able to improve my experience a … Read more

“Reducing aerodynamics would be a big mistake.”

Aprilia is one of the manufacturers that believes in and invests in aerodynamics. front wing of RS-GP, if “F1 style“It is the only one of its kind in the world championship And in the past few races, an unprecedented torpedo-shaped chassis has appeared. Romano Albisiano, Aprilia’s technical director, does not want this development to be … Read more

MotoGP, times and where to watch the 2022 Japanese Grand Prix (Motegi) on TV

From Friday 23 to Sunday 25 September I MotoGP Arrive in Japan for the 16th appointment of 2022 season. The challenge for the world title begins again, after a slip Fabio Quartararo Aragon ad, con Biko Bagnaya 10 points off and ready to attack the French leadership, also called to defend himself from the raid … Read more

MotoGP Aragon, Bastianini and Ducati Factory: There will be a healthy competition with Bagnaya

Aeneas… why? We asked your father, Emilio, do you know why they called you that? “Actually, I don’t know the story very well…” Then we tell you: They called you Enea to honor a car salesman in your country. “Excellent choice, I really like my name.” Do you know what your mother wants to call … Read more

Moto GB, Aragon GB. Bagnaia vs Quartararo: Two opposite curves

There are six races to go until the end of the championship and the tension is building. Thirty difference points separate Bagnaia and Quartararo. There was ninety-one on the eve of the Dutch Grand Prix and in four races everything changed. Fabio of Germany has not won, Pico has managed to score four consecutive victories … Read more

Beyond its (brutal) growth – Libero Quotidiano

Leonardo Yanacci 05 September 2022 A redhead is flying and carrying new hopes for the world championship when Ferrari in Holland on Sunday meets the other monsters of its unfortunate year. The Rosa we are talking about has only two wheels and it is the Ducati Bagnaia, the new centaur destined to enter definitively the … Read more

That’s how many billions of Italian motorsports are in a year, driven by Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and Ducati.

Italian motorsport is worth $5.4 billion a year. The figure stems from a report on the Italian sports system by Banca Ifis. Sales volume takes into account franchises such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and Ducati. Here every sword a MonzaOn the racetrack, the engines of racing cars roar Formula 1in light of the celebration Centenary … Read more

MotoGP and KTM hunting in Ducati cas: Giribuola and Pupulin from 2023

Following Fabiano Sterlaccini and Francesco Guidotti, the Austrian factory has confirmed two top engineers in light of next season: In addition to Alberto Giribola, current Ena Bastianini’s chief engineer, Krishian Populin, Giribola’s alternate ego in Jack Miller’s garage will land at KTM from 2023 (the Australian will pass directly to KTM). This is another acknowledgment … Read more