“Reducing aerodynamics would be a big mistake.”

Aprilia is one of the manufacturers that believes in and invests in aerodynamics. front wing of RS-GP, if “F1 style“It is the only one of its kind in the world championship And in the past few races, an unprecedented torpedo-shaped chassis has appeared. Romano Albisiano, Aprilia’s technical director, does not want this development to be … Read more

MotoGP, facts of the 2022 Aragon Grand Prix for the Moto3 class

Commander Guevara! spanish young man be Guevara controls Aragon Grand Prix from the Moto3 class and escaping to the top of the world championship standings, also benefiting from Today, the number of his teammate, Sergio Garcia, and Italian Denis Foggia, who finished their race in 13th and 14th places, without being able to compete. However, … Read more

MotoGP, the proceedings of the 2022 Austrian Grand Prix in the Moto3 class

Super Sasaki! Posted by Max Piaget: Ayumu Sasakia Husqvarna rider from the Romanian champion Sterilgarda Racing team makes a real masterpiece, e Despite two long lap penalties, he fell back to 22nd and then recovered to win a race Austrian Grand Prix On the sound of records, with even faster turns than pole position. Sasaki … Read more

MotoGP, GB Misano (San Marino) 2022, Guidotti: Giribola won’t be KTM’s only entrant

The KTM Team Principal revealed to Sky that Crew Chief Giribuola would not be the only “purchase” from the Austrian team. “Others will definitely follow,” explains Guidotti, who is also co-locating Paul Espargaro’s colleague on the Gas Satellite team. “Augusto Fernandez is first on the list, but he’s not sure yet.” Sunday, San Marino GP … Read more

MotoGP and KTM hunting in Ducati cas: Giribuola and Pupulin from 2023

Following Fabiano Sterlaccini and Francesco Guidotti, the Austrian factory has confirmed two top engineers in light of next season: In addition to Alberto Giribola, current Ena Bastianini’s chief engineer, Krishian Populin, Giribola’s alternate ego in Jack Miller’s garage will land at KTM from 2023 (the Australian will pass directly to KTM). This is another acknowledgment … Read more

“In San Donato, we went from the separation stage at an altitude of 340 meters to 300 meters”

Braking is the point of most transgressions, the crucial counters between victory and defeat. When it comes to the Separate, one can only ask the technicians of Brembo, the Italian company that supplies its systems to all MotoGP teams. Mattia Tombolan is Brembo circuit engineer: we asked him if and how the development of aerodynamics … Read more

MotoGP, the proceedings of the San Marino and Rimini Riviera 2022 Grand Prix of the Moto3 class

Foggia Law! Misano is a path Dennis Foggia! The boy from Rome, who signed this weekend to move to Moto2 with the Italtrans team in 2023, wins a prize Grand Prix of San Marino and Rimini Rivera It is the third success in a row after last year! Fantastic trilogy for Fujia capitalizing on Garcia’s … Read more

MotoGP, Bagnaia fastest on first day of Misano testing! Marquez sees himself in the saddle!

The Marquis of Sin Challenges he is Marc Marquez to highlight the most On the first of two days that will see all the MotoGP class racers and a few testers take part in Misano Adriatico, as it was last weekend Francesco Bagnaia took home the fourth win in a row in the tournament, Shortened … Read more