There is a storm in the crowd

There is little certainty of Juventus In this turbulent season and one of them is related to the offensive department: only when twelve Vlahovic Will return to score regularly, the Bianconeri will be able to recover and return to running to achieve seasonal goals. Despite the bad period, the Serbian striker was never questioned by … Read more

Conte and Tottenham pounced between the blue goalkeeper and Juventus

for every Donnarummaafter performing against Hungary I finally capitalized it and at the levels I liked during Euro 2020 (When he was elected player of the tournament), the qualities in after a day they got lost. Giant, exhilarating, formidable. The technique and mentality that Gigio was able to demonstrate on the pitch, in the blue … Read more

Paris Saint-Germain Juventus, because Allegri’s season starts from Paris: the three reasons

In Paris, the Bianconeri was not dominated, but the individuals decided: the one that Allegri owns today is in the infirmary. So the near score and the rising end give a different flavor to defeat The gap between Juventus and PSG on the Champions League starting grid, combined with the fact that the lady eventually … Read more

Youth League, Psg-Juventus 5-3: Under 19s’ nightmare debut

After the semi-finals of last season, an attempt to forget it against the French: we were two goals behind after seven minutes, and at one point there were even four goals. There is a sacred rule in football: the past is important to the coat of arms, but it is not a guarantee of results. … Read more

Juventus without Di Maria with Paris Saint-Germain, Milan without worries

after a day league Marked by good matches and inappropriate episodes in the stands, the truth begins Champions League 2022/2023 With the first day of the group stage. The first Italians to take the field will be Milan e Juventusrespectively against RB Salzburg e Paris Saint-Germain. The moment of the two formations is completely different, … Read more

Paris Saint-Germain, Mbappe and Galtier at the conference. Kylian: I trust Pogba

Galtier: “Allegri, the Italian hurt: I respect him. Too bad for Di Maria. But we are not the favorites for the Champions League” Smiles, relaxation, confidence and that extra motivation because anyway there is a team up front that shouldn’t be underestimated. In general, PSG arrived at Juventus with a certain calm but without giving … Read more

PSG, Allegri and Bonucci at the conference: “Pogba? We’ll bring him back in January”

Juventus coach on the eve of his first appearance in Europe: “You need 10 points to pass the round. We will play a great match against the French national team. World Cup Paul? I look at my house, but there is no point in thinking about what could have been done differently. A month ago … Read more