“Team matches? Better to win on the track”

There are three left for the global struggle. Fabio QuartararoAnd the Biko Bagnaya so Alex Espargaro Limited to 17 points with 5 races to run. The competition for the MotoGP crown is very hot and now it’s back to a track that no one has seen since 2019. There are a lot of unknowns for this year, but the three mentioned are also keeping an eye on Enea Bastianini. “Right now it’s a bit far in the overall rating, but in case someone gets it wrong…” He was declared the reigning champion, and lined up with his teammates to emphasize the talent and speed of the Gresini-Ducati racer. Starting tomorrow, that’s what they said in the meantime.

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Fabio Quartararo

How’s the Yamaha rider doing? after the accident (The open suit…) , Fortunately. “It’s a bit painful but I don’t think it’s a problem on the bike” He stressed, speaking of bruises on his chest. The boss is already in the GP. “If we want, we are competitive in every circuit, we have a great pace everywhere! The only problem is the speed and therefore the difficulty of overtaking. But I am glad I have good memories of this track.” What if it rains? There is no reason to believe that things will fail. Of course, I feel better on the dry track, but I’ve also improved on the wet track.” Finally, in the world championship standings, “Now we have 17 points from three points, there is also Enea, and we all want the championship. We will do our best, but the situation is not bad.”

Biko Bagnaya

The Ducati rider is advancing at a fast pace to reduce damage in the early part of the season. “This is one of my favorite tracks.” He said, speaking of Motegi. “Of course we will find very different conditions compared to 2019, I was a beginner and I was struggling. But I think it is a design that would adapt well to our bike. They say we have to beat, and our bike seems to be the most complete at the moment. But let’s remember in Austria, we were Candidates, but Fabio was faster…” From a tournament point of view, “At the moment I don’t want to think about it too much. Five races is a lot and still everything can change, I just have to do my homework. But they are not among the fastest in the wet areas, as we saw in Indonesia…” Also clear ideas about virtual team games. “I don’t think I need help, I’d rather win on the track than have someone let me make other decisions. If they decide otherwise, it’s not up to me, I just want to stay ahead, like in Aragon and Misano.”

Alex Espargaro

The Aprilia rider is back on the podium in Aragon after several fasts. ‘It was a huge confidence booster’ He pointed to number 41. “Both because I came from some of the more difficult races I closed in sixth, and because there were those crashes in the previous rounds.” Now it stops in Japan. “It’s been a long time since Motegi’s last, I love it as a track but anything can happen and it also depends on who adapts first. Then we’ll have a different programme, the bikes are completely different from then on, the tires too… it’s going to be special. .” The title is played, but there’s no point in being “excited” at the start of the season. “When I started to finish a lot on the podium, I started to feel more pressure, as I had the odds. Now I am calmer, enjoying the moment and just thinking about doing my best.”

Photo: motogp.com