“The city is a bicycle municipality for the fourth year in a row”

For the fourth year in a row Crema Municipality he is Common cycle path. This is evidenced by the flag that was delivered to the mayor this morning Fabio Bergamci from the hand David SevergniniRepresentative of the company Viap Cremasco. “The initiative – explains Sevegnini – operates at the national level and aims to reward Commit to the most welcoming place for those who travel by bike Initiatives have been implemented bike friendlypatriotic Fiab attributes a score ranging from one to five smiles: Karim for the fourth year in a row I got threeAnd we are working with the administration to get the fourth place.” In Lombardy, a total of 16 cities joined. “To be mentioned with a really good result is a certain pride for the city and the local department of Viabe.”

Ideas to do better

The goal, then, is to do better and better. And that is why we want to give the Bergames administration some small suggestions to get the fourth a smile: In the meantime, we must insist on raising awareness and promoting more lifestyles Green color. It may be useful to equip some sections of the course with one More comprehensive banners Attentive to everyone’s idiosyncrasies, with special consideration for people with autism spectrum disorders.” The “links between different cycle paths” can also be improved. Finally, it is necessary to find an alternative to “braces, which prevent some vulnerable groups from using cycle paths: let’s think about people People with Disabilities” will be implemented before the completion of your application listing. Mobility Consultant Franco Bordeaux He immediately received some thoughts: “Already tomorrow we will be in the field with some representatives of the administration and the city council near the city’s high schools to raise awareness among the younger generations.” From 7.30 tomorrow, the mayor of Bergamaschi will be found in the residence of Pacioli (via Delle Grazie), Commissioner Giossi Al Galilei, Cardile in the Classical High School, Nichetti in the Scientific. Della Ferreira will arrive at the Sarafa Institute headquarters, Fontana, the headquarters of Munari. Chancellor Bordeaux and Chancellor Chiudo will speak in Galilee via Libero comune, while Commissioner Musumary will be on the pitch at Pacioli in Via Dogali.

awareness raising activities

“The flyer that will be delivered – explains Berghamchi – aims to motivate young people to think about the need for Changing lifestyles. A bike can be a viable alternative to urban travel: Promotes economic savings and improves healthThe mayor then took the opportunity to thank Viabe for his recognition, identifying the association as “viable hubs for developing joint solutions for a more sustainable city, starting with a decidedly encouraging number: from 2011 to 2021, owned city bike paths from 2011 to 2021. It grew. From 45 percent, rising from 28,180 to 41,280Cycling must do a better job with neighboring countries, “Commitment is going in the direction of Connecting first domain countriesThe bike path to Campagnola Cremasca has been slowed down: “The work will be handed over in 2023.” The cycle path towards Madignano received a regional loan issued to the province in the amount of 400,000 euros. The other aspect that must be insisted “is the cultural aspect: the administration is ready to do In turn, along with Viap.”