The gargoyle shocker: “In my nightmares I still see Helmut Marko” – Formula 1

one of Helmut Marko He is one of the most exciting and controversial figures in the entire F1 circuit. The Austrian CEO, who was for years one of the spirits of success at Red Bull, has built a reputation over the years as an extraordinary finder of talent – various Vettel, Verstappen, Ricciardo, Sainz and Gasly, just to name a few, all grew up at Red’s academy. Paul runs it – but also in iron sergeant. His attitude of putting too much pressure on the shoulders of very young drivers actually cost the careers of youngsters who weren’t able to keep the performance level high enough right away.

The steps to be taken within the world of Red Bull are usually fairly codified. Team-sponsored talent that particularly shines in the smaller categories is getting a chance in F1 by being included in the AlphaTauri team (formerly Toro Rosso). There, come those who are able to shine their light, and manage specials Chosen to take a big leap You land in Red Bull, and play for potential wins and world titles. For someone who manages to complete the climb, there are many others who have to raise the white flag.

One of these was Jaime El-Qersouari, a Spanish talent honed by Red Bull who made his Formula 1 debut in the middle of the 2009 season. At the time he was the youngest rookie in the history of the sport. After staying in F1 for another two years, until the end of the 2011 championship, he and then-boxer Sebastien Buemi were replaced without much compliments by the duo Ricciardo-Vergne. During an interesting interview with the Iberian site secrecyAl-Qarswari spoke about the profound psychological impact that the proverb had on him in Red Bull.

“I tell you one thing: when I sleep I still have very strange dreams in that period – said the 32-year-old from Barcelona – I live above all else the helplessness and frustration of not doing it, de see Mr. [Helmut] Marco is always angrywho scolds us. As if we are children. This shocked me and I am convinced that Buemi and many others suffer from it as well. I couldn’t delete it. I went to therapy, when I retired many psychiatrists helped me. Now, though, sometimes I wake up perhaps crying, having dreamed of a wonderful flight and then seeing Mr. Marco’s angry face”.

Al-Qarswari left motorsports forever in 2015, only 25 years old. Once discharged from Red Bull, he competed for a few years in other classes, including Formula E, but never rediscovered the joy of driving. However, today he is an internationally recognized DJ who is proud of his many albums with good sales and great success.

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