“The past years are difficult at Juventus, in Rome I feel like the protagonist”

MIAMI (USA) – The past few years in Juventus It wasn’t easy, changing the scene helped me well. Mourinho He called me and within a few minutes I made my decision.” Straightforward, without getting too wrapped around it, Paolo Dybala He has no regrets about choosing to leave Juventus in the summer to host the Special One V project Rome. In an interview with ESPN Argentina during Albiceleste’s retirement in the United States, Goya addressed the issue of her move to Giallorossi: “Mourinho, as well as the sporting director, told me about the project and the desire to continue winning as they did last year. is being a hero In a team like this it helps me a lot. welcome fans? It was unusual. When you enter the field with your teammates, I was there alone. It never happened to me. A Roma fan is like an Argentine fan in terms of passion: the Juventus environment is different. In Rome they have one “Beautiful madness”: I feel this affection, for them Rome comes first from the family. They live football like us.”

Roma, Dybala is still in Miami with Argentina

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Dybala He also recounted a specific episode that happened last season:In Rome with Juventus we were winning 4-3 and the coach took me away. Mourinho He approached the bench to greet me and said:You’re great“This episode stayed in my mind, but I couldn’t figure out what would happen with the renewal at Juventus. When he called me for the first time, he asked if I remembered that moment. And I:Sure, how could I forget him. It was an honor. “Then he said to me, ‘Okay, now you have to do it for me.’” He also called me in the following days and it was easy to make the decision. It is easy to work with him. I talk to him about everything, he knows all the players, from the elite to the third category. He has a group of people who work very well. Di Mourinho surprised mehumility He treated everyone equally. Sometimes it can give a different picture of what you see on the field. Then I saw him angry too… I’m very happy in Rome, when you feel at ease it’s easier“.

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“I wasn’t 100%: I had to skip a game”

on him Absence at the last minute In the match in which Rome Collided with an internal knockout againstAtalanta: “On Sunday I was tired, I felt it I wasn’t 100% Doctors knew it was necessary to skip a game before skipping a month. They figured it out, fortunately afterwards Exam results went wellAnd about his presence in the national team despite the injury:When Globalism I’ve always wanted to go to the national team, I didn’t want to miss that. We are all working to go to the World Cup, and then the coach will be the one making the list. As an Argentine, there is always the illusion of wanting to go to the World Cup. Personally, I would do the same: I give everything with my team to the coach so he can see me and he can count on meAlso an idea about the goal he scored inItalia On preparing for the World Cup:Cool moment: I had a few minutes and scored. We all go in to give our best in the national team, always with the hope of scoring. A great moment for me, crowning my teammates in a great match. We could have won more goals. This invitation aims to arrange the final details of the World Cup. Hope we get the best from him“.

Juventus, the performance of those who welcomed the summer: Dybala at the top

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Juventus, the performance of those who welcomed the summer: Dybala at the top

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