The proceeds will not cover the costs of the balls.

Padua – Dear Bills The world of tennis threatens, and at the gates of the cold season, many managers of Padua clubs and its boycott have already decided to cover part of the fields at their disposal with balls, in order to reduce costs. Suffice it to say that if we compare to September 2021, Energy costs in September this year increased fivefoldAnd we’re just in early fall. A letter of complaint has been sent to Fit (Italian Tennis Federation) by Regional Committee Chairman Mariano Scotton: The goal is to find financial support for the clubs. In short, indoor tennis is in great danger. Also confirmed was Alessandro Zambon, Vice-Chairman of the Committee in charge of the Padoan Clubs.

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In northern Italy, club tennis in the autumn-winter period is associated with the presence of static pressure structures, usually called balls, which Requires constant power to operate As well as a large amount of gas for heating. These are the two expenses that most local clubs incur, forcing them to download the strict program cost increase, which should be doubled if you really want to make ends meet, with the risk that many tennis players won’t be able to stand their cravings. In the letter to Fit, Scotton suggests two potential strategies to be adopted immediately: One is to leave the clubs organizing tournaments and events the equivalent of the odds for tournament fit, that is, the odds share that the clubs must give to the federation. for each participant in the tournament; The second proposal is to set up a series of refreshment points for the clubs, after carefully evaluating the type of structures they have, the number of members and the energy costs they incur. “For a few weeks now, I have been systematically receiving emails and phone calls from very worried presidents who don’t know what to do – says Scotton – others talking about their intention to cancel tournaments scheduled for October-December due to They argue that the proceeds will not be enough to cover the expenses. They also have the same problem with tennis schools because, in general, they would have to raise the odds to unacceptable levels, an option that would force many families to give up tennis. I decided to write this letter to the federation because we need an immediate response that can encourage our clubs to face the coming months.” Scottan’s second proposal, to fund a recovery plan, certainly requires government intervention, and a plan has already been set aside for sports federations but we are still waiting to understand when and how it will come into effect. “To deal with the pandemic emergency, as Bassano Sports Adviser – continues Scotton – I was able to pay 30% of the sports federation bills for 2019 and 15% for 2020, and with these contributions we have helped many of the reality in our municipality, today we need such a plan , but coordinated on a national basis. The president of the union is already working on the government’s plan, and we hope that the response will arrive soon.”

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The situation also worries Alessandro Zambon, vice-chairman of the committee that follows the Paduan districts in particular: “The difficulties that lie ahead in these winter months are difficult and the president has done well to speak publicly about the concerns of our clubs – says Zambon – a department that cannot suspend its activities and hopes to be back in business again in Summer as if nothing happened, it’s a matter of gnashing his teeth for 3-4 months. We must be optimistic, tennis is not in crisis and it is one of the most loved sports of Italians, so we must hold out. We will increase fees in an effort not to stop work and we will lower scores Heat to improve costs. We have successfully overcome the epidemic emergency, and we will overcome this as well.”