The second municipality: “The Parioli-Nomentana cycle path is very dangerous”

From Manuela Pilati

Appeal to the Capitol by the Chair of the Jubilee Committee of the 2nd Municipal, Ariana Camellini: “Urgent interventions are needed, pilgrims are already there”

Small town Suitable for bicycles
. “The Parioli – Nomentano – Prati Fiscali bike path is very dangerous,” he explained. Ariana CamelliniAdviser to the second municipality for culture, university, work and heritage, in Capitoline Commission Jubilee 2025 Where I intervened as a delegate. after call Cyclists in Tor Vergata to attend a funeral Luigi Sipon, who died Saturday morning in a collision with a car on the Via della Sorbonaon the days designated for European Sustainable Mobility Week
the alert rises to bike line

The path of the Parioli cycle is associated with pedestrian paths for pilgrims that come from the holy places of Tuscany and Umbria via “Via di Francesco” It passes through Assisi. « Cycling path which is also for pedestrians It’s too tight– said Camilini – and it is indeed practiced by the pilgrims, but it needs Drurgent interventionsA bike line that reaches (and ends with nothing) a Porta Pia from via Nomentana and is connected to Prati Fiscali and Parioli It includes all four municipalities, as well as the second, third, fifteenth and fourteenth municipalities. But the abundance broken sections, Forcing cyclists and pedestrians to travel on crowded roads Movement of cars, trucks and buses.

“We discovered, Camellini explained, that the Jubilee Path was validated Regional Council Resolution 24 dated 10/30/2018 It is identified with the course path that enters from Nomentana station, passes under the bridge and It runs along the Aniene RiverIt comes from Umbria. The pilgrims arrive mostly on foot and there are many of them already Municipalities in Lazio who have joined the “Francesco Network” programme.

“The path was set in part by us – continues the counselor – and it was called a bad name, avThe ecchio sign indicates that he turns into “Prato della Signora“But it’s called Via di Francesco in Lazio.” And finally: “We ask you to extend a helping hand,” she said, addressing the President of the Republic Capitoline Jubilee Committee, Dario Nani – For this bike path which is also for pedestrians but it is Not suitable for pilgrims and cycliststogether it is impossible: there is an extension of the path where one walks Villa Ada, along Olympica Road and strengthen its intervention Via Della
Mosque Where the bike barely goes in one direction, there orange grids that poses a danger to iron bars And in the section that connects via de Coubertin completely off the track at Villa Glory».

MUNICIPIO’S SECOND PROJECT IS TO CREATE WAYS TO VISIT The churches of Sant’agnese, San Lorenzo Fuori le mura and Santa Costanza. “We would like to give the devotional path the possibility of a visit Catacombs in Via de Priscilla and redevelop The cellar and fortress of Monte AntinRoads, «will be environmentally sustainable, we need to fix Green next to Aniene Where are the “war gardens” for the displaced after the bombing of San Lorenzo, Los Angeles luxuriant vegetation This creates Arches over the heads of cyclists and pedestrians that makes them unsafe, they are not very enlightened.”

Dario Nani affirmed: «From Prati Fiscali to Via Salaria, the expanse cannot be crossed, I Underground roads and the road on Olympica is unusable, there is no security. Between the mosque and Viale Parioli there is a stretch that is difficult to cover.” The committee will update the topic.

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