The unresolved engine problem that has plagued Maranello for months

Despite the exceptions granted by the FIA, Ferrari has not yet been able to solve the structural problem of the power unit that forced Leclerc and Sainz to retire several times during the 2022 Formula 1 World Championship. A major concern in light of next season as the plug-in hybrid turbochargers will not be able to be modified for individual seats.

The 2022 Formula 1 World Championship hasn’t closed yet, though A catastrophe must happen So Max Verstappen and Red Bull don’t win drivers’ and constructors’ titles. With the latest moves (further development work on F1-75 and Accurate strategy in the mandatory rotation of pilots) The Ferrari He made clear his desire to compete for success in the remaining six stages to finish second in the constructors’ classification and Charles Leclerc’s standings in the drivers’ classification. Meanwhile, in Maranello, work is also underway on A new single seat for the two drivers to compete in the 2023 Formula 1 World Championship This makes Cavallino’s men suffer.

Besides adapting the machine to the new porpoise control regulations which mainly concern the height from the ground and the bottom, Torture of Ferrari technicians is a problem with the power unit that appeared at the beginning of this season And it cost Leclerc and Sainz a lot of bloody withdrawals (and perhaps also the reason why the most extreme schemes were not used at the crucial moment of the tournament).

From this year actually Power units are frozen until the end of 2025 And therefore The chassis to be fitted to the single seat 2023 shall have the same chassis as that used on the F1-75. clearly FIA At the request of the difference May grant exceptions for changes to power unit elements registered but only if the interventions are about reliability, safety, cost savings or minimal changes permitted by regulations, Something Ferrari has really benefited from this season.

Exactly in light of this Looks worrisome in light of 2023 (Which will require, among other things, additional voltage from the power units because it has an extension Record number of 24 races) That Cavallino’s men haven’t figured out what he is yet The reason for the sudden increase in the gap with Red Bull from Verstappen After the start the two cars, although very different from each other, seemed capable of delivering similar performance.

What’s more, she worries about the fact that Maranello engineers with the interventions made in non-compliance for reliability reasons I managed, through major software modifications, to reduce the stress of mechanical parts, Without solving the structural problems of the power unit still exist. And the time to solve it for the next season is less and less, in addition to the fact that It will be necessary to obtain another exemption from the FIA ​​for interference with the structure of the hybrid turbo enginewhich cannot be taken for granted since, in this respect, the FIFA has absolute discretion as to the acceptance of the request submitted by the team stating the reasons and clear evidence of the failures for which it is requested to intervene.