There is no goal but the first in Serie A in terms of assists and expected assists, because Pioli de Kitilari is already a “reference point”

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It was certainly the blow of the Rossoneri’s summer, which came after a few weeks of close negotiations with Club Brugge (reported in a very angry manner): to Ketelaere It merges with Milan, which proves useful but not flashy (yet). 92 meters and a height, a graceful body that deceives, calms and shines. Still no goals (but two disallowed) but assists and several plays in the last quarter of the field were not in the chords of those who were already part of the Rossoneri team; Situations that don’t hit the eye right away like dribbling or aiming, but are also basic. De Ketelaere is first in Serie A for ’90-minute key passes’ (just under 3) and for xA (expected pass, or probability of pass becoming an assist, editor) for 90 minutes (0.4): In the possible chart, the Belgian will position himself alone in the upper right corner: so far he has been a Serie A player More effective, without equal, in these plays. To the naked eye and live the feeling that the Belgian gave his teammates exciting, dangerous and effective balls, making them look “simple”, he was always present: so it is important that it is also clearly confirmed by data and numbers.

Stefano Pegswho wanted it so badly the same way as Maldini e pleasure, he is fully satisfied, but it is clear with regard to the short time he has so far at Milanello, with what Charles plays. He also repeated this in the post-match match between Milan and Napoli, telling Milan TV: “Charles did his best performance tonight since he was here. It was a reference point. We should also expect some goals from a player who has a lot of potential, but I’m sure those goals will come as well. Today I am really very positive for the continuity he has with the team and the quality he has given the team.” The coach of the Rossoneri always refers to a “mandatory” period of adaptation for a very strong player, but it comes from a completely different context: “And if we were expecting a guy who comes from a completely different context and tournament to make us win the match on our own, that’s wrong thinking, but I’m sure he’ll make a huge contribution to us.“.

The statements are, as usual, tangible and not superficial, carrot and stick: Pioli is always a very demanding coach, especially if the player in question proves talent and shots out of the ordinary. This is the case of De Ketelaere, who is working hard at Carnago Sports Center to introduce oil-tested Biolista Milan mechanisms: it’s not an immediate process when his teammates are now in memory. It is also right to expect more goals, given his exciting ability to get in and into the game without the ball; In due time everything will come, as evidenced by AC Milan’s lowest average age in the three-point era. When betting on hero projects, it is right and necessary to give them time to grow, make mistakes and adapt. Meanwhile, De Ketelaere shows to Serie A, waiting to show all his awesome potential, that when he receives the ball on the trocar, he always manages to put his teammates in a position to hurt them.