“There is no real quarrel between Pecco, Fabio and Aliix”

The last big rivalry in MotoGP is that between Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez, which culminated in the 2015 season at Sepang and never subsided even after the champion withdrew from Tavolia. Currently, there is “diplomacy” at the highest levels among the pilots, a “respect” that many see as the true malaise of the sport and the reason for the lack of media coverage. We have a great string of champions like Pecco Bagnaia, Fabio Quartararo, Aleix Espargarò and Enea Bastianini, perhaps the only one who can ignite a scrum is the 24-year-old from Romania from Ducati.

Bajnaya’s point of view

This relaxed atmosphere is more than useful for the live heroes, and consists of compliments, praise and hugs, a clean pass, and a quick request for apologies in case of mistakes. “We get along well because we are smart pilots – Note Pecco Bagnaia in Motegi -. It doesn’t mean they never were, but there is a lot of mutual respect and we all know what we need to do to be at that level, as it takes a very high level of focus and body. The respect between us is very high and that is the reason why we have such a good relationship. We are not necessarily friends. We are competitors but with respect“.

Out of respect for motorcycles according to Marquez

Marc Marquez tries to offer his interpretation: “The good atmosphere that exists now is that there was no real disagreement between them, scrum on the last lap‘, referring to Pecco, Fabio and Aleix. It is a MotoGP genetically different from that characterized by the challenges between Max Biagi and Valentino Rossi. The rivalries were sometimes brilliantly created by the press, and the Doctor was a master of psychological warfare and flaming arrows in front of the media. The post-race race was often as predictable as the race itself.”It reminds me a bit of my times with Dovizioso. I dealt with it, but there was this tension. There were smiles between us, but there was tension as well. The positive atmosphere that exists now is that there was no real disagreement between them, scrum on the last lap. I play cards differently, what do you want me to tell you?“.

Those hoping for a fiery season finale give up all hope, the fight for the MotoGP title will continue under the banner of diplomacy, good morals, and politically correct one. But knowing that a spark can be enough to start a fire when you least expect it. “The best psychological warfare, Doohan said, is on the right track. If you beat them on the track, they can dress as they want and eventually crush them on the track. I see myself far from that level now…Pecco is very convinced, Quartararo knows it’s going to be hard, but he earns more than he has, Alex is the only one who doesn’t have pressure“.