This is the secret of overtaking in Bajnaya

Bastianini’s fourth success this year. In Aragon another race with Bagnaia and he explained very well where he scored the most.

After a lot of ‘chomping’ the results Misano JBfor every Enea Bastianini The chance of redemption arrived immediately. That’s right Biko Bagnayathe next companion in ducati official. In Aragon, the two returned to the crossroads and did so in a way that was not reckless but “reasonable”, probably aware of what happened in Italy. But the truth is that this time the world ranking was also involved. Dropp off Fabio Quartararo It certainly had an impact on the intensity of the fight between the two, but the truth was that the two once again recorded an exciting race.

Ina Bastianini (ANSA)

Pronti-via Enea immediately managed to keep up with Bagnaia’s pace, but then, after the first attempt to overtake, had to move on. At that moment though He was very good at staying the distance and keeping the tires better than his next ‘leader’. And with 4-5 laps to go, he regained speed, realizing he could attack first without risking too much.

Against someone like Pecco Bastianini, he knew he only had one shot available and that he made the most of it in the seventh turn and on the last lap., when he knew full well that it would be difficult for his opponent to answer him. Realizing that once he got past him, he wouldn’t give up his energy to get back to the front. You can’t risk ruining everything with quartararo out of the game. Then another double for the Italians, this time regarding Misano with an inverted score, but with an unchanged performance.

Bastianini’s victory is made of details

“Really a very nice race for me,” the idea immediately slipped off his Bastianini bike into mics. Sky Sports. He then calmly analyzed his sweat: “At first I touched Alex Espargari and then I had to take it back, and it was really hard. And then To be honest, I made some mistakes during the race, but in the end I got to know Pecco, and on the last lap I saw it was possible to attack him. It was a dream for me“.

It was also not easy this time to keep up with Bagnaia, who immediately set a steady pace, which from the middle of the race onwards was hell for everyone but not for Bastianini, who made no secret of the difficulty of keeping up with the next pace. Ducati’s official mate box: “In fact, it was very complicated because even here at Aragon Pecco he was very fast and didn’t make any mistakes., while this time I was a little more at the limit, especially at some points of the track. I managed to stay more attached to Pecco than Misano and when I saw I came out really well out of Turn 5 I thought of throwing myself inside. I went in very firmly and that’s where I won the race.”

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Bastianini, who appears to have returned to the track from several races with increasing conviction, especially after a few months of blackout: “Here in Aragon I was strong in entering the corner and was able to turn in front for the corner – I admit -. When I have that confidence in the bike, I can be fast. After the break I came back to have 100% confidence in the bike and now I have to keep it that way until the end of the season.” At Misano, he had really swallowed a bitter mouth, only mocked when the photo was finished by Pecco, but this time it was he who He won the sprint. For this, he added with a smile: “In Misano, I think I wasn’t perfect and when I saw the race on TV, I got nervous. I will look at this with more pleasure.”