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Turin – that Juventus tonight is 2 points from the top of the standingsor that it is separated by 7, or that it is in one of many possible, and most likely, intermediate positions on October 2 against Bologna To guide her off the bench to resume the championship will still exist Massimiliano Allegri. He will be there until June 30, 2025 (the day his contract expires) depending on the company’s plans and beliefs, confident in the coach’s ability to solve the problems slowing Juventus’ league race. And you didn’t really start it. in Champions League.

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Monza Juventus, Allegri’s official squad

Plans and beliefs which, as always and always will happen in football, are and will be subject to situations, results, performances and points of view and, based on that comparison, are subject to changes. Changes that will be left out for the time being, it’s good to repeat, but not indefinitely. Juventus Which has won only two of its eight matches at the start of the season, lost the most matches and drawn the rest, undoubtedly faltered due to a heavy string of injuries that also affected players of greater quality and character: no delay in the healing of the Chiza to a rupture is to be expected: articular cartilage Pogba (complicated by the player choosing not to undergo surgery immediately), due to muscle problems Bonucci for those of Maria It passes through a fair portion of the rest of the team.

Juventus management is convinced of this Allegri, At least the victims of muscle problems have recovered (and may work with the staff to reduce the number in the future) and the new is always better introduced, starting with Paredes who arrived on the eve of the fifth day, after the break for Citizens The rally can start at a higher pace than the current 1.67 pips per game. Thanks to the difficulties so far faced by other greats as well, Juventus will not be far from the Scudetto battle: in fact, they expected a much easier comeback than the one that succeeded in 2015 (remembered only yesterday by Allegri, even then on the bench) after Six days Juventus points were 5, half of the current points. who – which JuventusHowever, in round 11 to 36, he won 25 matches and drew once. It would be risky to bet such a flight will emerge, so it’s a good idea for the current team to change gears first: Today in Monza Then upon recovery. Before the long pause of Globalism There are nine league games and four Champions League games, and it is in these thirteen stages that Juventus’ management will reflect on Allegri’s future: reflections relating not only to the progress made, but also the odds that those thirteen games will be shown on the way to do from January onwards.


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