Trainotti and Eurobasket “Spain will not be copied”

© Photo by FIBA ​​Basketball

When Italy had the best league in the world after the NBA and Spanish coaches came to study (and copy) the methodologies and training of the blue national teams, perhaps Salvatore Trinotti It was not.

But of course the study and transcription of Spain that overtook us did not precede us but ended with Caterpillar (ten national championships in the summer of 2022, ten medals collected at the youth level and the Berlin gold for the first team is the testimony against it. Bronze from Italy) is not necessary, as he explains in the interview With Piero Guerini at Tuttosport.

blue balance sheet. “We’ve done well: we had a qualifier in Milan that grabbed the attention. We went out with regret in the defeat against Ukraine, but by beating Serbia, we put things back in order. The bitterness of France remains in fourth place, because we felt we deserved to win. In the end I think we We got what we deserved at the moment but recognizing there are margins, reinforced by the last two races.We can’t wait to try again.

Quarter wall. 2If we always stop there, then we deserve it right now. The goal is to beat education. Having lived through two states, I think it is essential that you have the ability to live these moments. And I’m not referring to the last minute where perhaps one could be more pessimistic. This group has two-tier experiences, and we are confident that the next group will be different.”

Young people, sore point. Because? “There is absolutely no single motive, the analysis has to be deeper. We need a symbiosis with clubs and between clubs, because everyone, clubs and national teams, is making gains. It has to be done in terms of recruitment and management. To do that, we need to find One artistic identity that passes from the first level to the juniors. The boys will arrive in blue in preparation to play this basketball, a Spanish example.”

opportunities for youth. “We remain in Spain: at a certain stage, the best go to the best teams and play with each other. We must give our children as many opportunities as possible to compete at a high level and develop technical and personal development. It is possible that they attend the stages that do that. We are thinking about it. And we will present the project soon. A national championship? It will be the simplest way, but it is not immediately possible. In the end, if we go and see, in more developed countries the big clubs invest in youth sectors, then of course it is necessary to intervene in schools.”

Without imitation of Spain. “No, but it can be inspiring: Spain asserts that only through planning, hard work and choosing people according to the project can results be obtained. The results arrive.”