TroikaMAX pistol: The two-disc wheel Küng used at the World Championships

During the World Time trials at Wollongong 2022, the “unbranded” (no logo, editor) front wheels used by several athletes associated with the Groupama-FDJ team did not go unnoticed.
The most attentive see the Swiss pedal Stephen Kong (Second in Elite Men’s 3-Inch Experiment Only, photo below) Captured in detail Two-disc structure.

No April Fools’ Day (we’re in September). no secrets. The model in question is called Troika Max pistol.

Revolver is a young brand (established in 2014) that can draw on the founder’s ten years of experience, Harry Walker.
Headquarters in Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

More than 30 years ago, in the wake of the media frenzy caused by records Francesco MoserHarry began developing and producing technical solutions to improve aerodynamics: branded helmets, pedals and handlebars guru dynamics.
Harry Walker’s interest today has always been focused on aerodynamics and in particular on wheels, with a particular interest in price.

TroikaMAX pistol: small disc on the axle

TroikaMAX is the third generation of the three-spoke wheel of the English brand.
completely Toray T700 carbon fiber It has an internal channel from 20 mm With an outer edge width between I 27 i i 30.5 mm. Specifications that make the wheel compatible with Tubeless tires / spacer With a width ranging from 23 to 28 mm.

Troika Max pistol

I small lenticular disk (Trispoke Minidisc Concept) placed in the center of the axle, in addition to creating a single flange (mandated by UCI regulations), it performs an important aerodynamic function.

When the air flow comes from the right side the system becomes real gift The rotor is effectively protected from further disturbances.
Conversely (airflow from the left) the small disc optimizes the aerodynamic flow on the surface and around the perimeter of the rotor, transforming itself into airfoil able to “Clean up” wake up. A bit like Formula 1.

consequences a test conducted for Silverstone Sports Engineering Center by Revolver. TroikaMAX returned with wind speeds of 48 km/h and yaw (yaw) angles of 0°, 2.5°, 5°, 7.5° and 10°. drag coefficient (CdA) is better than a high-altitude wheel and is equipped with conventional amplifiers (DT Swiss Dicut DB 80).

One detail that should not be overlooked is the fact that this analysis was done by fitting the wheels with tubeless tyres Continental GB 5000: The same tires are also used in Groupama-FDJ for time trials and more.

TroikaMAX front pistol in tubeless/clincher version (tubular version also available at the same price) with ceramic velocity bearings costs £1445.83: 1.650 €. Plus 65 euros of shipping costs to Italy.

Troika Max pistol

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Photo: Courtesy of Matteo Polanyi

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