Varese buries Urania in Masnago. But not everything shines… –

Applause and frolic at Varese’s new first housewife. In front of a good audience on a Wednesday evening in September and for a non-draw competitor, Opengomitis minced meat Urania Milano 110-69.

Regardless, not all that glitters is gold.

Almost fifty points ceded to A2 (However, without the novice player and the second foreigner) makes shivers fall from behind not only to the fans, but also to those who consider basketball, the net of everything, a sport in which defense is as important as attack.

To us, frankly, at least for now, Varese seems to be full shortcomings Behind: physical, technical, tactical (meaning proper connections on how to arrange oneself and navigate) and sometimes even ‘desire’. The latter says that at least he was not absent in Trento, in the presence of Serie A opponents, despite the fluctuation of results (84 points against Verona, 89 against Dolomiti Energia). Should we be worried? If the trend does not change, yes.

And even today Varese has no center, with the exception of Caruso. unjustified Seasonal appearance of Tariq OwensNot for a few games, but for an entire season. We’ve seen chain jumps, position errors, and quite a few other things: right now, it can’t be the parachute we long for that keeps the opponent’s sun from constantly hitting the red-and-white zone, especially if his teammates – as it constantly does – lose penetrations and cuts. .

for the truth The second half was, at least in terms of intensity, much better than the first: Only 21 points have been collected. If it’s not a recovery process, then at least start over. Coach Brass said at the end of the game that he challenged his players with a few defensive pauses: at least they listened to him.

I always remembered that the evening’s opponent was Urania Milan, The attack is another story entirely. Who can love and hate, messy as it is, with directions drawn just as it is, sometimes basic and halfway, but surely one’s talent makes it effective.

The new Varese has no petty attackers. Not brouwn, capable of outstanding streaks of fire, like tonight. Not Reese, impregnable in the first quarter, brilliant (especially now that it’s polished) at unleashing both grace and strength in enviable bodily control. Not JohnsonWith a varied gait, Ross is not with his roller coasters, they are not from Nikolaou (Did we work on filming, Giò?) Which isn’t Ferrero When the catapult fires. If triggered, if not “looked at” well, Openjobmetis anno II dS (after Scola) can be impregnable. And it still needs to be seen that she can do this even when under attack.


1 ° quarto

Brase again launched Caruso in the quintet with four outside players: Ross, Brown, Johnson and Woldetensae. Varese shoots from three and attacks iron: Johnson hits from the outside and Caruso asserts himself near the basket. In defense of some connectivity issues and several changes, which leave red and white slightly exposed in the bounce. Three minutes later, Tariq Owens made his debut and entered Reyes, who immediately fired in the close and the three-pointer (12 points already at the end of the quarter). Varese imposes two losses and can run on the counterattack: the first break ends at 27-22.

2 ° quarto

Urania starts well, challenging Owens who is not yet 100% in iron. Markel Brown takes care of that, who has scored four times in a row three times, punctuated by the guest timeout at 35-29. The game gets a little sloppy, but Varese remains ahead of the score without being able to escape. The first half ends with Urania who (also) easily scores two close shots against Owens, bringing Milan back to -1: we go to the locker room at 49-48.

3 ° quarto

9-0 for Varese at the opening of the second half. Caruso went over the iron twice and Ross – 2 in the first half – scored 5 in two minutes. In attack you pass the ball and this helps maneuver and gives a little energy even in defense. Johnson is inspired and scores on everything (11 points in the quarter): Varese digs the furrow. Di Nicolaou also scored from three goals, showing progress in shooting from outside and playing with the determination that characterizes him. Brown fired the three-pointer on the siren, and after 30 minutes Varese leads 84-64.

4 ° quarto

There’s also Captain Ferrero, who gave Brown a chocolate bar in the first basket in the last quarter before making way for Owens who, after a few games off the field, scored a superb goal. Virginia was also seen on the field, replacing Brown after he scored his seventh triple. The visiting coach stopped the match at 95-68 five minutes before the end of the match, and since then has become the podium until the last siren. The field is also for Young Assui, who takes away the satisfaction by scoring the hundredth point from Openjobmetis. The final score is 110-69 in favor of the Brass coach boys.

Basketball VARESE-URANIA MILAN 110-69 (27-22, 49-48, 84-64)

Variety of basketball: Ross 9 (3/5, 1/6), Woldetensae 2 (1/4, 0/6), De Nicolao 9 (3/3, 1/3), Reyes 14 (3/5, 2/4), Librezy 5 (1/2, 1/2), Virginia 6 (0/1, 2/3), Ferrero 3 (1/3 of three), Brown 25 (2/3, 7/9), Assui 2 (1/ 1 of two), Caruso 11 (5/5 of two), Owens 6 (3/6, 0/1), Johnson 18 (4/4, 2/4). Coach: Bryce.

Urania Milan: Potts ne, Piunti 4, Ebeling 2, Valsecchi 4, Kyndahl 16, Amato ne, Chiapparini, Pezzola ne, Montano 18, Contestabile ne, Pullazi 12, Cavallero 13. All: Villa.

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