Varese here is Ross the interviewer: “Ready for this adventure, Lillard inspired me”

home presentation day Basketball Varese With the red and white club that welcomes Colby Ross. Il former playmaker Pepperdine UniversityIn the site Clinica Esperand thus makes its official entry into the red and white world.

A world that is already beginning to be a part of it in a concrete way in this field, in The first versions of Varese basketballHe has already shown all his offensive qualities Very sporty and fast gameplaywhether the ball is in hand or without it, whether as a striker or as an assistant.

Ross at the “speakers” table together, as is now customary, a Brass coach and GM Michael ArchersWhich introduces the new playmaker as follows:I thank Isber Clinic for hosting and supporting us for 9 years. Colbey is a player we’ve been following for months, even since January when I arrived. My target immediately was Ross, which is why I found myself fitting in with the coach to take him and bring him here. Since arriving in Varese, I had the ambition to be able to sign him and today it’s great to be able to present“.

I’m really happy to have Colby here. Our first goal from the start was to play a role Brase says-. He has a lot of qualities he can put on the court, and he knows how to be dangerous both in play and as a goalkeeper. The opportunity to work with Ross already in the Summer League was unique to discover Colby in every respect and to understand that he could really be the man for our team. Having a leader like him would be really important“.

Excited and happy all the same No. 4 white and red: “I am glad to be here, a really great company, team and city. You’ll immediately notice how you can breathe basketball into every corner of Varese and that’s great for a player. I immediately feel good about the whole environment, even the first fans I met gave me great enthusiasm. The presence of the coach was essential to my arrival here. I like to take responsibility on the pitch, I’m a player who likes to hold the hand of the team and lead it to victory. It is important that I have a good part of the group who already knows the championship, I can learn a lot from them“.

Ross who has already had a chance to taste Italian championship level Thanks to the first summer tournaments: “Italian basketball is definitely very competitive and very physical, at least from what I was able to discover in these first friendlies. There are really strong teams but this is a motivator, I really like to play by focusing on fitness. I think the experience at Nymburk has helped me develop from the point of view of communication on the pitch with my teammates and this will be an advantage I will try to offer Varese.“.

The play in red and white arrives in Varese after an excellent play I played the summer league with Portlandand at the end he cherished for a while the dream of getting into the NBA: “Definitely my goal is to get to the NBA, maybe one day I’ll make it. At the end of the summer league I was hoping to get a call, but then I decided that living a year in Varese and experiencing this very important experience was the best thing for me.“.

The former Nymburk will have to build a backbone with him Owens From Varese’s new basketball team, a tall American player who actually had a chance to meet in New York this summer:Tariq is a very athletic player, putting in a lot of energy. He also has great intelligence and knowledge of the game. He’s such a lovely personality and for sure the relationship between him and me will be important later in the year and I’m sure we can do great things together.“.

Ross that forms and grows in a sign Lillard: “He is undoubtedly the most admired player for his characteristics and the way he plays. Players like Chri Paul and Trae Young like him a lot, especially because he looks like me in hair (laughs). During the day I always try to take time to watch and study their videos and understand how and where to improve to try to get closer to their level“.

Alessandro Borin