Vienet ‘a’ piglia ‘o perdono, Alex

Vienet ‘a’ piglia ‘o perdono, Alex.

Yes, because Alex Merritt deserves pardon from all and is ready to be redeemed after two years spent in the shadow of Vesuvius.

Having moved to Naples in 2018 for around 25 million, he left Spall who gave a glimpse into his qualities and proved to be the promise of a youngster that De Laurentiis wanted to bet on.

In Naples, Carlo Ancelotti and Carnesis found his deputy, the future looked promising. In fact, it looked: in his first training session with the team he broke his arm and stopped throughout the first part of the tournament. The company ran in search of cover and bought Ospina, who became the owner. Merritt came back from injury but lacked continuity in performance. Faced with the sound of the coup and the unconvincing performance, Meret lost confidence and showed his limits, suffering from the competition with the Colombian who gave Ancelotti, Gattuso and Spalletti a guarantee in the meantime.

In the locker room, now, there was an air of mistrust towards Alex. Even the leaders convinced themselves that he couldn’t handle the pressure of such a club. However, a re-establishment happened this summer. The veterans left and made way for new troops, returning fresh air to the locker room tainted by shady football ties. during the Market In the summer Meret and his entourage sat at the table and received an offer of renovation from Naples, an offer that surprised the boy, surrounded by market rumors that saw him increasingly marginal. Offer returned to sender: Merritt needs planning safeguards and wants to remain secure in a central role. Napoli continued to monitor Navas’s path, which did not give up until the end of the transfer market. Is it a sign of fate?

Getty Images – Alex Merritt in Naples and Liverpool

The transfer window closes with a big question mark: Now who will be the owner who will work alongside Merritt? The tournament begins and Merritt finally gets his chance. A boy who is now 25 years old and begins to perform intense performances which convey more and more confidence. Above all, the performances stand out against Liverpool, in Maradona, and the latter against the champions of Milan, in Meazza.

Today, the renewal is closer, and Merritt enjoys being called up to the national team, with whom he climbs the hierarchical ladder. This may also be a new test in which he will have to show the maturity he is gaining, and not allow himself to fall into the abyss of instability in light of his role as Donnarumma’s deputy.

So the moment has come to forgive, and perhaps even to apologize to a boy who has always respected society and his comrades, and perhaps only needed that famous continuity which he always so openly asked for. We had to listen to you Alex, come on ‘piggy pig’ or forgiveness.