Villeneuve, how many pains after Monza: this is his revelation

For the first time since 2006, Villeneuve is back behind the wheel of a Formula One car at the legendary Monza track. However, not everything went smoothly.

When pronouncing the name Villeneuve You always get a thrill. memory of the great generation And his exploits at the wheel Ferrari Stay in everyone’s heart. Considering that he has not won more than six races in his circus career, what he has been able to leave behind in terms of passion and support is remarkable.

Jacques Villeneuve (ANSA Pictures)

That’s why his son too jackAnd, just for the fact that it is, the affection seen in a few instances of the racing breed is preserved. A sense of closeness and concern is stronger than anywhere else in Italy.

And who knows if it was by chance or otherwise, thenAlps The Temple of Speed ​​chose to allow Canadians to sit in the cockpit for a single seat. He has been absent from the First Division since 2006 when he defended the colors BMW CleanThanks to the interest of the 51-year-old, the 51-year-old had the opportunity to touch modern cars firsthand Renaultand his team 2004 and the French payment station Canal +.

Villeneuve on the right track: how did it go

So, last Wednesday, when the curtain fell on the 2022 champions with Verstappen remaining the winner, the 1997 world champion had one of the most exciting tracks on the calendar for himself. How things went on the chronometer level is unknown and no video images have even been released.

The only thing we have is his hot words. Excited to be able to enjoy this experience. It turned out to be more unexpected than expected.

It must be said that it was not a test ready, the 1995 Indianapolis 500 winner, in recent weeks, has flown to Enstone headquarters to undergo compelling simulation sessions. A real obstacle for old school pilots.

Unfortunately it makes me nauseous“, He confessed RacingNews 365, Detecting a problem he also suffers from Michael Schumacher When he found himself in the Mercedes era competing with this technology. “When you put your foot on the brake, your brain says you’re in the car. So after those laps and observing Ocon I left convinced I remembered it all. It seemed to me that I had gears and tracks in mind. In fact, by going to memory, you end up slowing down in advance“.

Without restraint, I felt like I had an umbrella doing it for meExplained about the high compressive strength present. “I honestly don’t remember driving such a stable car“.

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As easily as can be imagined, you are no longer accustomed to such efforts, jack He suffers. The neck is a very stressful part and no other class has specially trained it to withstand very high G forces, thus, after not doing this for years, even just a few laps felt like it. “I was afraid I wouldn’t even be able to raise my head, but I did. But I felt so much pain at night“.