Virtus-Olympia, the most beautiful final out there

Bologna and Milan play in the basketball tournament. A battle over a match

It has become more of a fight than just a series finale. without restrictions. Virtus, Olympia, Bologna, Milan, Segafredo and Armani offer the best offer our basketball today can offer. But at the same time also the worst with the statements approaching the lawsuit. A harsh, sometimes nasty physics series. But it’s also terribly beautiful, because apart from Game 1, they were played to a very high standard with games that never went one way, but always stayed in the balance until the end. Tonight in the Forum, Milan 3-2 lead, perhaps the last chance before returning to the inferno of Bologna. The poison first spread here and arrived in massive doses after the fifth match, and it can’t be missing due to the character of the heroes on the field, even if you don’t expect certain attacks from a senior manager, even if he is a very enthusiastic fan.

Armani is 3-2 ahead, but in this series there is nothing for granted. Every time a different protagonist

Sergio Scarello and Ettore Messina are two true giants of our basketball who use any means to steer the match in their favour. They won 43 titles in two. They have won everywhere: four Euroleghe Messina (2 with Virtus, 2 with CSKA), the Scariolo World Cup (2019 by Spain coach), 13 league titles (10 for Messina, 4 for Italy and 6 for Russia, 3 for Scariolo, one in Italy and 2 in Spain) and NBA titles, Scarello as the Vice Raptors. Messina, as an assistant at San Antonio where he was the first non-American to go to the bench as head coach. They have the weight of history on their shoulders, but they also have an incredible desire to take the present and then perhaps go and shake hands with a defeated opponent. Last year to shake hands with the losing 4-0 Messina there was no Scarello but Sasha Djordjevic, but in the final there was no match with Milan and he arrived deflated like a balloon after the Euro illusion.

But this year, the two teams are tasked like never before and a different punch begins each round. The shields that were won in the first race disappeared in the fifth. Shengelia who had a fever last night in Bologna punished Milan. Millie played the role of the NBA in the third and fourth game. Bellinelli recalled being the NBA champion in the crucial minutes of Game Five. But there will be snippets to tell her in every match. Chacho passes, those of Teodosic 2 who know how to turn on the light even without switches. Heinz’s muscles and his dynamism. You forget about Grant and suddenly he’s painting a canvas like never before. You forgot about Cordiner when he puts you through three plays that change the balance. And under the eyes of Bossico, Messina’s now-assistant but future Italian coach, there’s no shortage of gems from our blue shades Mille, Datumi, Ricci, Hackett, Bellinelli, Pajula. The only thing missing is Mannion who has yet to go to class to make his mark in matches as real men. These are moments when you can see that he is used to playing for something important. The ones who stay hidden for three quarters and then when the game takes a bad turn you place the winning shot. The buildings filled Bologna and Milan. Last night, those gaps in the stands behind the Segafredo Arena seats, seats that sold at crazy prices, finally disappeared. I felt cheerful. Bolognese restaurant is more organized and bad. Melanase is hotter. The only thing that has been missing so far is a good TV audience. Basketball between Ray and Discovery failed to break through. It’s a shame because the show in these finals deserves so much attention.

What you see in this challenge does not make you regret the NBA show with Curry

Let’s try to shoot it big: You have more fun here than watching the NBA Finals as the Golden State dynasty returns to reach its fifth different Final in five years. It’s true that Steve Curry wasn’t voted best player in the Finals, but if you hear some of our old basketball guru, he’s going to tell you that this isn’t a basketball player, but just a juggler, someone who is capable of taking out ten out of ten off a half court. But here the eternal squabble will open between those who love basketball at a rate of a thousand per hour from the NBA where everything is filmed and who instead have something like tradition like basketball in ancient Europe where in addition to the three-point shot is often found more.