Vuelle Carpegna Prosciutto Basket, the gang in the basket: “The presentation at Villa Matarazzo is like last year: we want the playoffs back”

GRADARA Carpegna Prosciutto 2022-2023 was officially presented yesterday at Villa Matarazzo to sponsors, fans and authorities, which from October 2 to Trieste The tournament will start at 7 pm. Mayor of Pesaro Matteo Ricci inauguration evening was mayor Bizarro Matteo Ricci who said: “I thank Ariana Ranucci for hosting us in this beautiful place and thanks also to all those who have allowed the city to dream this year also through basketball, and therefore a special thanks to Andrea Beretta, for his company which is one of the most important Italian food industries that confirmed With her commitment, Pizarro aspires to be at the forefront of Italian basketball.”

“Thank you also to the consortium companies, to President Arci and to the company – continued Ritchie – who in recent years have taken one step at a time but in the right direction. Obviously, I’m glad coach Rebesa is back because we took some relief, as we did last season. Last year we saw what it means to get exciting results and this brought Pizarro back to the attention of the National Basketball Association. It’s no coincidence that we convinced President Fip Petrucci to make the Federal Basketball Center in our city. We want to remain one of the capitals of Italian basketball and we want to bring the great international basketball back to Pesaro as well. So we’ve nominated our city for months to host international basketball events and hopefully we’ll finally get some confirmation in the coming days. There are high expectations and we also have expectations. Last year, the qualifiers were held on the last day and this season we have to get there a little earlier, which is a goal within our reach.”

Costa: “The team will satisfy”

President of Vuelle Ario Costa then took the floor, President of Victoria Libertas, Ario Costa, after expressing his usual thanks. “Speaking after the mayor becomes difficult because he has practically said everything. This is usually the time of the year when we all move proactively and have goals and for the first time I feel like saying this as well. I think we built a team. It can give us some satisfaction. Thanks. To the coach who is back with us, to all the players who were already present and to the new ones. We look forward to seeing you all at the Palace.”

Arceci: “Thank you to the members of the consortium”

President of the Pesaro Basket Consortium Franco Arceci Next came the turn of Franco Arceci, who has been the new president of the consortium for a few months now. “I thank all the members of the consortium and the Beretta family for their affection and financial support for Vuelle this season. In the city, morale is high because the preparatory season was at a high level, so the coaching staff and the players showed that a good tournament can be played. We also have the League on our side, since last year I remember we also gave the presentation at Villa Matarazzo and then we got to the playoffs, so the League can play for us and the playoffs is one of the goals we have to aim for. to achieve it. Also this year. The city is very happy to have the coach and the players back. Last year, we won a fight that was meant to re-create the passion between the team and the city. However, the goal for this season is to fill the palace, because the whole building can not only give financial support, but also give the team and club a boost to better performance. In my opinion, there are all conditions for this season to be exciting for everyone.”