What happened to his suit?

The first answers come from the Alps, what happened is more of a unique event than a rare event, impossible to repeat

Fabio Quartararo Aragon (Photo Instagram)

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a race Aragon Sunday opened with bad accident World leaders, right on the first lap in fact Fabio Quartararo He found himself on the ground after making contact with another driver, it is impossible to predict everything but what shocked the fans was Immediately obvious details. Fortunately, the pilot did not find any damage, all the safety mechanisms of the suit worked properly, or almost part of the suit actually worked. Incredibly yielded And fate just means that there were no consequences, and Alpinestars have expressed themselves in this regard by reporting Really amazing results.

The Quarteraro accident, the joint collapsing after the impact, for Alpinestars is a once in a lifetime event!

The Fabio Quartararo Aragon Accident
Fabio Quartararo Aragon (Photo Instagram)

I noticed a lot Open chest jumpsuit after the fall in curve 3 of Fabio QuartararoIt is impossible not to delve into what happened especially given the attention to safety being given to the sport, which remains one of the most dangerous. Moto.it Shed some light by interviewing Alpinestars, the manufacturer of high-tech suits that are made available to MotoGP riders.

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The manufacturer’s response came a few days later The driver’s suit has been analyzed in detail Besides the videos of the incident, what came out is really disturbing. a A series of sequential events This led to the opening despite the fact that everything went well, almost tragedy.

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The inner airbag worked well when opening before impacting the floor, even the layers of zipper didn’t yield the slightest notch, what was crucial when opening the suit was instead It was a secondary collision with the front wheel of his bike and the rider’s chestthe estate is emphasized beyond any previously recorded level.

So the conclusion could have been more dangerous, luckily the pilot got out unscathed, Alps However, he knew it,”despite of A similar event has not been recorded in thousands of fallsWe will not ignore these details that have emerged while we are already there Work to prevent a similar event from happening again.