When do we see them, time to pass

Green, white and red brush strokes in the Lombard sky. The highly anticipated date returns with the Frecce tricolori showcasing the Formula One Grand Prix once again this year, which with the 2022 edition celebrates its centenary.

The 9 MB-339PAN from Frecce tricolori’s main formation will fly over the start grid of the Autodrome and set up what has always been the world’s largest tricolori, while Mameli Hymn notes will ring on a track. The appointment is on Sunday 11 September, a few minutes before 3 p.m., when the start of the race is scheduled. The show will be clearly visible in Brianza and from the northern Milan hinterland.

Frucci and the longest Italian flag in the world | video

The frecci who risked disappearing from Monza

The passage of the Monza Grand Prix is ​​now a traditional date for the Air Force, even if this year is in great doubt.

At the beginning of the year, in fact, Formula 1 decided that ban Shows are in the sky ahead of the race – not only at Monza – because the national aerobatics team’s CO2 emissions are no longer in line with F1 standards that aim, among other things, to eliminate its environmental impact by 2030. After a long work of institutional mediation, in The end, was the show rescued For the Italian Grand Prix and Silverstone in England. But for the coming year, there is still a big question mark. Aci and local politics drew heavy criticism at the time the circus chose to cancel shows, then welcomed the partial return of the march with relief.

“Lombardy commends Frischi Tricolori for two good news. First of all, yesterday’s flight over Valtellina to promote the region and the 2026 Winter Olympics with video recording. Then the decision of the Formula 1 organizers to confirm the attendance of the aerobatics team at the upcoming Monza Grand Prix. The pressure carried out by several parties, led by the Automobile Club of Milan and its president Jeronimo La Rosa, with whom I have discussed this issue in recent days, has had the desired effects.The hypothesis of canceling the performance of Frecce Tricolori at the Monza Grand Prix has returned. and marketing, the ‘tradition’ is as strong and uniform as that of Frecce Tricolori”.

And it was Aci who took the field directly against Formula 1: “I hope that the intent to eradicate the performance of Frecce tricolori will return and, in the end, a common solution will be found so as not to deprive the spectators of what is of all intents and purposes a spectacle within the show, as well as a strong allure of national identity” , as Jeronimo La Rossa, president of the Milan Automobile Club, wished. It is then clear that his desire is satisfied.

a little history

Since the creation of Arma Azzurra in 1923, men and women in blue have worked daily at the service of Italy in the imprint of innovation and modernity. Aerobatic training group 313 degrees “Frecce Tricolori” – this is the official name of Frecce – is an aviation department of the Italian Air Force which since March 1, 1961, the date of its creation in Rivolto, has the task of representing the capabilities of the entire armed force.

The task entrusted to Frecce tricolori is in fact to show, in the eyes of Italy and the world, through spectacular acrobatics, the founding values ​​of the Air Force: professionalism, team spirit, constant commitment and the search for improvement. Fritchie, heirs of the long and glorious acrobatic tradition of the past, are today a division of about 100 soldiers, whose job it is to represent the more than 40 thousand men and women of the Air Force in their work. A task that will also be completed this year, on Sunday 11 September, by giving the whole of Lombardy a dream show.