Wolverhampton – Manchester City 0-3, goals Grealish, Halland and Foden

Guardiola’s team advances to the top of the standings (waiting for Arsenal tomorrow). Grealish and Foden also scored a goal. The Norwegian scored his eleventh goal in 7 games and became the first player in the Premier League to score in the first 4 away games of his career.

Another goal. Another record. Erling Haaland continues to pay attention: At Wolverhampton, in the 3-0 game that made City top for at least 24 hours, the Norwegian scored his eleventh goal in 7 league games and became the first player in league history. He is number one in goals in the first 4 away matches of his English career. Hurricane that not even Wolverhampton can defend against, the best of the tournament before meeting him, can do anything. There was no history in Molyneux, because the difference in talent between the two teams is enormous, despite the good organization of Wolverhampton, and because in the 16th minute it was already 2-0, an already difficult situation that became even more complicated for the hosts. home after Collins was sent off in the 33rd minute.


After a match dedicated to Queen Elizabeth, like others in this short weekend from the Prime Minister, Guardiola’s team reached the station undefeated, with the best attack and condition clearly superior to the others. Plus there’s Haaland. The one who really seems to be able to score every time he sees the goal, with such ease it seems that at the age of 22 he is the best striker in the world. Since leaving Salzburg in January 2020 to take his career to another level, first at Dortmund and now in Manchester, he has scored 100 goals in 99 appearances. A beast, how brutal his impact on the start of the Premier League: he scores in every way, including with a huge right out of the box as he did at Wolverhampton. Haaland isn’t simply the first striker chosen to have Guardiola’s disposal for a while, he’s a natural force that makes City even more lethal than they already are. For the current champion, enlightened by the assists and creativity of Kevin De Bruyne, a return to goal by Jack Grealish, who was defended by Guardiola on the eve of criticism for his performance and able to celebrate his performance already after 55 seconds of presence. 100 in the Premier League. City didn’t need to overdo it to control this game, but they were still almost a perfect machine. Just as Wolverhampton confirmed, despite the obvious defeat, that they have a good match and a good environment, but they do not have the necessary weight in attack to finish what they are building. Diego Costa, 34, has been out since December and was the last to arrive at Laja to fill gaps in attack, still not in great shape and not sitting on the bench. Wolves were eliminated after 3 useful results and for the first time since August 6, they conceded more than one goal: their improvements certainly don’t go through a game with City, but they are essential because this team deserves more than a place. In the slums of the classification. Obviously assuming you find a way to score.

the match

The Molineux Challenge practically ends before it begins. City are already ahead after 55 seconds, with Grealish in the middle of the penalty area to get a good help from the right from De Bruyne. Haaland scored his record goal in the 16th minute, with a superb shot from outside, and Wolverhampton’s situation worsened even more in the 33rd minute, when Collins got a kick in Grealish’s stomach. And City will be content to dominate in the second half, and Guardiola angered Wolverhampton at the beginning despite his 10 attempts, but the visitors were able to find the goal in the 69th minute with Foden, who is still inspired by De Bruyne. The match goes to the archive.