Yamaha loses Fabio Quartararo but finds Cal Crutchlow again

In the GP Aragon announcement ace of home Yamaha It ended with a second zero, but this time it was much more unfortunate. Indeed, Fabio Quartararo was the innocent protagonist for the first two bad accidents that occurred during the first lap. Only a second zero in the 15 GP for the 2021 MotoGP World Champion, even if it’s rather heavy given the moment of the season. But this time House Iwata avoided Caporetto thanks to his “exceptional replacement”, Cal Crutchlow. While not even a point hit Assen from the other M1s in action, this time the test driver thinks about it, 14th and the only one able to finish the points!

Yamaha Summit after a year’s vacation

His last world race was exactly in Aragon a year ago. Since then Cal Crutchlow has devoted himself exclusively to his test activity, right up to the call from the just-ended GP in place of newly retired Andrea Dovizioso, to the post-round salute at Misano. He encountered an appointment with great enthusiasm, recognizing the difficulties of the M1 at MotorLand, but also working with the goal of gathering information for the development process. Fabio Quartaro was clear about the requests at the time of signing the renewal, so the British tester was called in to an important role to satisfy him. But first you have to finish the current season, in the hope that you can repeat the 2021 title … “It was great to come back, I had no expectations” Crutchlow pointed, smiling and relaxed. and thank God … “I was confident with my pace. I finished the race and it went well.” After Quartararo’s ordeal, it’s not a bad thing to come back from a year’s vacation and finish on top of Yamaha! In fact, for the other drivers, it was another totally unforgettable ride.

Where is Morbidelli and Bender?

On Friday there were encouraging signs, so much so that Quartararo He was hoping to help him. Unfortunately, on Saturday and Sunday, Franco Morbidelli was no longer able to find the right place: the race was difficult at the time, and not only because of the initial double crash. He and Darren Bender were among the pilots called to prove their skill to avoid Nakagami…but the problems were different. “We had no speed during the race” Morbidley said. “We tried something, but we couldn’t improve it.” For him he is 17th at the finish line, right in front of Binder. After teething problems, the South African novice was able to recover something. “I fought with Paul Espargaro until the tire came off a bit. I struggled to adapt, but then I was able to set my pace and get back to Fabio Di Giannantonio.” Which he finally surpassed, taking the eighteenth place. “We’ve made some progress compared to Misano” Bender noted. Confirmation, however, is that without its hero, Yamaha is in crisis…

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Photo: RNF Yamaha