Zebri and Fiorini renew and strengthen their closeness

After a positive first season of cooperation, the partnership between Le Zebre and main sponsor Fiorini, a leader in the design and production of 100% Italian made industrial paper bags, has been renewed and strengthened.

Fiorini will once again be at the fore, along with 15th Northwest, supporting the company in several strategic investments undertaken and planned for joint and shared growth on and off the field.

Le Zebre are proud ambassadors of Fiorini’s excellence. Also this year, Parma franchise athletes will take the field in the two prestigious international championships, the BKT United Rugby Championship and the EPCR Challenge Cup which represent a wealth of skills, experience and passions that pay homage to the brand that was founded in 1947, when Giambattista Fiorini accepted the challenge to change the scenario of one’s life in the years as difficult as that which occurred in the post-war period.

Concern for sustainable development, environmental protection and people’s well-being will remain at the heart of the partnership agreement between the club and the Marche-based company, which has more than 220 employees, various international offices and clients around the world.

Zebras, who have always had a strong focus on issues of inclusion, support and respect as evidenced by the many social responsibility initiatives undertaken over the years, are happy and proud to be able to promote these values ​​to the many people who animate these two realities, in particular to the more than 120 An Italian club affiliated with the franchise, champions the game last March 26 at the first “Fiorini Zepre Family Day” organized at the Rugby Castle in Parma before the match against the Welsh Crimson.

Statements from Zebre Rugby Club CEO Michelle Dalay: “This year, at the end of the season, Giovanni told me something that struck me so much, and it is a source of great pride and responsibility for him to see his family name represented on the Zebras game jersey. It made me think about the kind of commitment, even emotional, that an entrepreneur makes with Giovanni’s ability when he decides Accompanying a sports adventure.It is an aspect that we must always keep in mind because a distinguished company like Fiorini is not only a business partner, but also a company that decides to adopt a common philosophy.So I am pleased that Zepri and Fiorini have renewed their partnership and that Giovanni has accepted a beautiful, exciting and demanding challenge of relaunching the team and designing A successful path and the potential to bring the message of excellence around the world. Global.”

Words of appreciation to renew the partnership also out Giovanni FlorinFiorini, President and CEO: Our collaboration with Zebre Parma stems from a common DNA: a constant desire for improvement, innovation and dedication to achieving ambitious goals. This year too, like Zebras, we decided to change our logo and strategies to become more competitive, more selective, and more global. It is also why, in a year of relaunch and renewal, we cannot fail to reaffirm our support for the team that brings the name Italy and the name Fiorini to the world. In addition to being a training ground for the new recruits of the Italian national team, Zebre Parma is also a laboratory of excellence that blends Italian professionalism with that of foreign players, creating a good example of how the exchange of diversity always creates opportunities for development and strengthening: in this case of Italian rugby. It would be great to walk together this season, which would go along with changing gear for both.”


Fiorini is one of the largest producers of industrial paper bags. The sectors of reference are food, chemicals, feed, seeds and construction. Founded in 1947 in Senigallia (Ancona Italy), Fiorini currently has more than 220 employees, various international offices and clients all over the world. 75% of sales are foreign, but production is entirely Italian. Investing in people growth is a key factor for Fiorini’s growth. Where we mean not only cooperating people, but also territory and youth. The capital of skills, experience and emotions activates the company’s desire to undertake multiple activities in the social sector.